No summer without…..

Fabulous tagged me and so I obey… so here’s my list of things I can’t do without in the summer:

1. Ice-cream


I am a real sucker for ice-cream. No summer without ice-cream for me. This is why I have already stocked up in my freezer :)

2. Sandals

august 17, 2007 - day 257

Since I moved to California, I’ve become an absolute lover of sandals almost all year round. The first winter I spent here, I was puzzled to see people wear sandals in the middle of December, but now, unless it’s raining, I am doing the same thing and they’re my favorite shoes to wear.

3. The beach

pawprints at the beach

I’ve really come to love the beach. I have never been a big fan of beach vacations, but living close to the beach is definitely a big plus in regards to your standard of living :) Just being able to go there, take a walk and listen to the waves is just awesome. Not to forget the gorgeous sunsets.

4. Iced Tea


My favorite drink in the summer is iced tea. Since I am really bad when it comes to drinking enough liquid, iced tea makes me reach the threshold.

5. WHITE asparagus and strawberries

November 18, 2007 - day 306 strawberries

Those two absolutely equal summer for me. Since in Germany you can only get white asparagus and strawberries seasonally, everybody craves for these at the beginning of summer.

6. BBQ’s

4th of July BBQ

Definitely a MUST during the summer.

7. Sun

a beautiful morning sun

Nothing’s better than waking up to a beautiful sunny summer morning. Getting up is so much easier when it’s already light at 6 a.m. in the morning and birds are already singing when you go outside.

Do you want to play and also share with us what YOU can’t go without in the summer??

  1. Some sun would be nice over here. *sigh*

  2. so for you it really is more like a “all year round” thing, hm? i’m glad you can still appreciate those things ;) *smooches*

  3. Wonderful! I love all of those too. I love the white asparagus, but I also love the green. And ice tea? The best!

  4. So true about the strawberries and asparagus :).


  5. i totally agree on everything besides icecream and iced tea. i like icecream but i don’t really need it nor have it often. but i am really jealous of everyone who lives near the sea. i don’t like beach vacations either but i love the sound of the ocean and to be able to breathe the seebreeze and take a walk. smoochie

  6. That list is amazing. I hope you can pick up some good white asparagus because we got some here and it wasn’t as good as German asparagus. The beach, sun and sandals kind of all go together. Here is an even better scenario -wearing your sandals on the beach in the sun while BBQing asparagus and drinking iced tea and finishing it off with ice cream and strawberries for dessert. Good plan? haha

  7. again, my husband was faster than me! :) can you believe it? haha. your list is awesome! i also think you should add friends, cause what would be a summer without friends to hang out with? right? :) love ya

  8. i wear flip flops all year round too. seriously, through the entire “winter”. i think the last time i wore sneakers for more than one day in a row, that was in germany.

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