Tuesday Topics | How do you stay motivated to run?

This week, I am linking up with  Kookyrunner and Zenaida  for Tuesday Topics and we’re talking about how we stay motivated to run?

I am usually a pretty motivated person in general, so finding motivation to do things (be it exercise or other hobbies) often comes pretty natural to me. However, like anybody else, I have days where motivation is harder to come by. Here are a few things that I try to remember when motivation is low:

The feeling after each run

I try to keep at the forefront of my mind, how I feel after each run and the truth is: I usually feel really good. Getting out and breathing some fresh air always has a calming effect and often “resets” our bodies and brains. If I am grumpy or stressed, I know that going for a run can fix it (if not the problem itself, then at least the anxiety and negative feelings around whatever is currently going on).  

I don’t have to run, I get to run

I have friends with chronic illnesses and pain that prevents them from engaging in regular exercise routines.  I try to remind myself every day that if I wake up feeling good and without pain, it is a gift that I get to go out for a run.

Setting goals and/or signing up for race and challenges

Duh, I am sure that is on every runner’s list, because we all have a bit of a competitive streak, I am sure, and  having a goal/race to look forward to and work towards just helps to keep the motivation up. Proving to ourselves that we can accomplish something usually is a pretty good reward for keeping up a regular exercise habit.

The online running community

This is no joke and can’t be underestimated. Connecting with other like-minded people through blogs and Instagram and seeing them stick to their workout routines and crushing their goals is an immense source of motivation for me.  

I like rewards

Come on, don’t tell me that you haven’t employed that strategy yourself. A pretty good motivator for me to workout is a reward afterwards (we’re all pretty simple creatures when it comes down to it). For example, I immensely enjoy my first cup of coffee in the morning, so that is usually my reward. I tell myself that I can’t have my coffee before I worked out. What’s yours?

What keeps you motivated to run/exercise?

  1. I don’t drink coffee, but I do cherish and savor a hot chai latte’…and it’s my reward, every morning, after the workout is done;-)

  2. My favorite reward is the recovery after my long run. Honestly I’m not sure if I’m more into running or getting to relax and do nothing afterwards, but it always feels like a very indulgent treat. You are right that we get to do this when so many cannot, either due to injury and of course in many parts of the world people literally couldn’t leave their houses during lock down.

  3. The online running community is a great source of support and inspiration for sure! And, yes, reminding yourself how lucky you are that you “get” to run is a great perspective.

  4. I don’t have to, I get to. I love that mindset. It’s important to look at tasks that way.

  5. For a long time this summer, my runs weren’t leaving me feeling good all the time (the heat, the humidity, the bugs!). That’s when a goal works for me! Having something to work toward may not make the run easier, but that ultimate reward will remind me why I need to do this.

  6. I agree 100% with everything that you mentioned, especially that we get to run, we don’t have to. This is something that one of the Peloton instructors says a lot and I agree with it so much because so many people wish they could run, but can’t for various medical reasons.

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. I’m usually a very motivated person but having a child/being pregnant has changed that… but after this next baby is born, I want to get back into a consistent workout habit, maybe around when the baby is 3 months. Training for races is super motivating for me and I also love following a workout plan that tells me exactly what to do on which days. So I’m planning to get a beach body subscription again in the spring so I can do the 21 day fix and some of their other programs.

    Rewards are great, too. I loved getting a chocolate milk after my weekend long runs!

  8. I love how you added coffee in there. I love coffee and have a cup before my run. It is dark in the morning and I enjoy my coffee while catching up on blogs or writing my own posts. Then after my run I have another cup while I work.

    And yes we don’t have to run, but we get to run!!

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