19: Our duplex (one year later)


Remember when I announced last year that we had sold our house ? I also told you that I’d share more about our new place once I had wrapped my head around the move, but then I never did. So, I hope late is better than never. 

One year ago today, we moved from our two-bedroom house to a one-bedroom duplex. Yes, we lost some space and an extra bedroom, but there were some more  important things on our priority list: location (we’re in a nice neighborhood, much closer to my work now), central heat and air (you can’t survive the Sacramento summers without central air), a private patio or backyard (we got so used to having our own outdoor space!), an off-street parking spot (even better a garage with a driveway), and a washer and dryer (I really didn’t want to go back to using the laundromat).

The duplex has what I would call 1.5 stories. The bedroom and bathroom are on the second floor above the garage, the rest of the rooms is downstairs, so it’s not a true 2-story building, but I like that it feels a little different from a one-story apartment. We were lucky enough that we found something affordable that had most of our must-haves before the close of Escrow. Our timeline for the house sale was very short (just four weeks) and we had to find something quickly. 

Without further ado, a little duplex tour just for you. (This rhymes and what rhymes is good  – who recognizes this quote?).

Our front porch + front yard

I love that we have a gate and that the front entrance is set back from the street a bit.



Our living room

The living room can be a little dark at times, but I love the big corner window by the front door. During the summer month, we can keep the front door open quite a bit, because of the gated front yard area and get some extra light.




Our bedroom

I love sleeping on the second floor and having a window to the street. The bedroom has a nice-size closet as well. The cool thing about older apartments/houses is that there is often a lot of built-in storage space, like this big closet (+ drawers) in the hall way.



Our kitchen

I traded my beautiful kitchen for a small, older kitchen with much less counter and storage space (sad face) and old, squeaky cabinets, but I am not trying to think about that too much. Jon will tell you that I regularly throw in a “I miss my kitchen” for good measure, but I am mostly really okay with it. The apartment otherwise almost ticked all the boxes on our list. And as a wise friend said to me: a kitchen is just a kitchen. 

(No it’s not!! Haha.)





Our backyard

Our backyard is relatively small, but it has enough space for our patio set and I have really enjoyed sitting out there this summer. Most apartments don’t have a patio space at all or, if they do, you have share it with other tenants. I feel very lucky that we found a place where we have a private outdoor space all to ourselves, where we can barbecue and have people over.


That’s it. This is our not-so-new home. As we say in German, “klein, aber fein” (small, but nice) – another rhyme :)

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  1. I love seeing others homes so thank you for sharing. It seems like we always have to compromise on something when it comes to homes. I’m glad you got most items on your list. It’s nice that your entrance is private with a gate out front and your backyard is so nice! A private backyard space is rare for rentals!

    I’m hoping to share our house eventually but it’s going to take quite awhile as we need to buy some new furniture. We’ve been holding off on buying furniture until we bought a house. It’s a good time of year to look for things since there are a lot of holiday sales, though!

    1. I hope you’ll share a house tour once you’re settled in! I also love seeing how other people live! :)

  2. Who said something stupid as “A kitchen is just a kitchen” – lmao. ????

    I hear you girl, loosing a pretty kitchen is tough but I have to say, I love love love your front porch/yard, all fenced in, as well as the backyard area – that’s all I’m looking for right now!
    And how cute did you decorate your house? It looks so cozy and comfy !!!

    1. Thanks friend. It means a lot that you find our place cozy. (I sometimes only see what I don’t have anymore instead of focusing on the good things!). But yes, a kitchen is definitely NOT just a kitchen ;)

  3. Why did you sell your house again?
    I like the sitting area in your backyard. Very inviting.

    1. We bought the house without thinking through what homeownership entails and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t right for us at the moment.

      1. Oh, ok. Got it. It takes a village sometimes to own a house. We actually do enjoy it though.
        Glad you found what is right for you.

  4. I LOVE your duplex!! The front yard and the backyard are amazing! You are so lucky to have your private outdoor space. And the kitchen is so cosy, I always think that eating near the kitchen feels comfortable and homely. Well done and thanks for the tour! 😊

    1. Thank you, Catrina. I definitely agree that having a table in the kitchen area is nice!

  5. I love that living room corner window!

  6. I feel the same way about my kitchen- it’s so tiny and I’m always running into something when I cook! Next house needs a nice sized kitchen, don’t care about anything else :) I really like your outdoor areas, they seem so nice!

    1. Tiny kitchens suck! ;) (Home goals for the future!)

  7. Oh I love it!! It has all the space you need. We moved into our house over a year ago and I have yet to do a full tour. Maybe because it’s still a mess and work in progress. Thank you for inspiring me; and also I have a tiny tiny kitchen too. I think smaller even then yours and it makes you cognizant about where to put things but also I secretly really hate it lol. Your patio is gorgeous!!!

    1. I think – unless you design a house from scratch – you always have to compromise when you rent/buy a new place. I’d love to see your house, when you’re ready!

  8. Cute space. Like others mentioned here, I also love seeing a little glimpse into other people’s homes. I think the little patio is great. I live in a condo in the city and dream about having just a tiny, private and fenced back garden area. Heaven!

  9. Home tours are the best. I will have to do one after Christmas because I have everything not in its normal spot and it’s kind of an insane set up right now. HA!
    Stranded in Chaos

  10. Too cute! I like that you have a bit of an upstairs, and your backyard might be small but it’s cute and very cool you have it all to yourselves! :)


  11. Ugh, a backyard patio is a DREAM. Right now, I’ll just take a porch I could sit outside on. Not possible where I am right now!

    A kitchen is, like, the number 1 thing I look at when I’m looking for a new place. It’s SO important. My kitchen right now is so tiny and the cabinet space is SO minimal. It doesn’t work for me at all. I can’t wait to move and have a bigger and better kitchen!

  12. Thank you for giving us a tour of your home! It’s lovely and cozy. When it feels home, it feels right no matter how big or imperfect it is. My kitchen is similar to yours—essentially not significant counter space. However, the dining room right next to it makes up for it and I do some of my prep work in there sometimes.

    Homeownership is a huge deal! After owning a home and seeing all the things one has to deal with, I’m so happy to be be renting now. I feel like I have so much more time for family and myself and doing the things I truly enjoy.

  13. love love the patio and backyard- so cute! and even though you went from 2 to 1 bedrooms, it looks like you have enough space. :)

  14. Ich liebe es andere Wohnungen zu sehen! :) Danke für den Einblick in euer “neues” Zuhause.
    Wir sind im Moment auch wieder auf der Suche nach etwas, das näher ist am Arbeitsplatz von Patric. Vor allem muss es besser erreichbar sein mit ÖV. Sobald dann Kinder hier sind, kann ich ihn Abends nicht mehr abholen, was jetzt nach meiner Arbeit gut möglich ist.
    Nächstes Jahr im August kommen wir aber nochmals in die USA und dann kann es losgehen. ;)

  15. This looks very homey and the outdoor space is very nice. Happy for you that you like your home this much

  16. Your duplex is beautiful and the outdoor space is great.

    The storage space outside your bedroom is amazing (I just love storage space). You’ve made your home lovely and I really like those shelves you have in the living room.

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