20: Super-easy, no-excuse healthy winter breakfast-to-go


You guys, I cannot not share this with you. I’ve found the yummiest and easiest breakfast solution for the cold season.

As you know, I am not a fan of (regular) oatmeal. The prepackaged stuff is non-stomachable (even made with milk instead of water) and even old-fashioned oats turns into “glue” if you don’t do it right/wait too long to eat. And honestly, it’s so easy to make oatmeal from scratch that I wouldn’t buy it prepackaged again anyway.

Last winter, I started to experiment with different grains and ended up coming back to steel cut oats for a warm, soothing breakfast in the morning. Even though it only takes 10-15 minutes to cook them, it sometimes was too much effort for me in the morning and then the heated steel cut oats had to cool down, only to be re-heated again a little later at the office. It was ok, but it wasn’t ideal.

You’re probably going to say ‘Ok, so what? That is not new! Steel cut oats…. oatmeal… what’s the  big deal.

Well, for me I found that the trick is overnight oats. I know you can find hundreds of recipes for overnight oats on recipe sites and all, but I wanted to share my (super-easy) way of preparing them, because I think they’re even better than freshly cooked steel cut oats.

I previously (in the summer) made overnight oats with yogurt which I liked a lot and which was refreshing during the hot summer months. It didn’t really seem to be a good idea for the winter though, if I wanted to heat them up again the next day, but of course you can make them with milk, as you usually would, and I find the taste and texture the next day to be just perfect. Better than cooked oats, IMHO. It’s also a no-frills breakfast solution that doesn’t require a lot of preparation and is something I can easily stick with. You let your steel cuts oats soak over night and then just heat them up in the morning. Easy!

What you need:

¾ cup steel cut oats
¾ cup almond milk
1 tbs sweetener of choice (I used agave syrup)
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ apple with skin (cubed)
dash of cinnamon

Combine the oats, milk, sweetener and vanilla extract at night in an air-tight jar and put in the fridge over night. Top with apples and cinnamon* in the morning and then heat up when you’re ready to have breakfast. It makes the kitchen smell like Christmas (I hope your co-workers like the cinnamon smell – I do!) and it’s the best warm, soothing, filling breakfast that will easily hold you over until lunchtime.

Oh, and it’s basically dessert for breakfast, with a healthy kick. Who can say no to that?

*I love apples and cinnamon. It’s my favorite. You can, of course, use other fruit and skip the cinnamon, if you wish.

  1. Who would want to skip cinnamon? I love this combo. Do that too but not as overnight oats. Might try it. But what are steal cut oats?!

  2. Mmh, looks delicious and sounds so good! I love oats!

  3. Seriously, who would want to skip cinnamon?? I add cinnamon to everything (ok almost everything).

    Is there a way to make it without milk? I really don’t like milk at all and can only stomach it when I put a little in my coffee. Can I put water instead? Also instead of agave could I add honey or maple syrup (I know, maple syrup isn’t healthy but OMG so good)? Also not really a fan of agave.

    I usually use the Trader Joe’s oatmeal packs (apple and cinnamon). I add hot water to them and put some dried cranberries to it. It’s about all I can stomach in the morning!

  4. That sounds GREAT! A couple mornings this past month I have gotten out of bed at the LAST possible moment and end up making oatmeal at work. Too much effort when you have to prep for children.. I may just have to try this!!!

    1. Ah I started reading this book twice! Once in the library and then continued reading it at Half Price books! Seemed very well written and dug into a lot of emotions.

  5. This is a fabulous idea. I’ve never made overnight oats before, but you’ve definitely inspired me to try it!

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