Tuesday Topics: What I love about running

This week is Valentine’s Day, so it’s an appropriate time to talk about the things we love about running!

As most of you know, my blog is not exclusively a running blog, but running-related posts have been sneaking in more and more over the last few years. It’s just become a huge part of my life and so naturally, it has started to show up more on my blog.

I have fallen in love with running for many, many reasons, some of which I’ve talked about before.

Running is “me-time”.

Running has become on of my favorite forms of me-time. I put in my ear plugs, listen to some music or a podcast, and go. I love being outside, seeing other people be out and about, and just moving my body. It clears my head like hardly anything else.  I know that when I am cranky, I have to get outside.

Running burns calories

Let’s be honest, I love and enjoy food and running affords me the luxury to eat some extra calories. I am not much of snacker, but if we’re having a good meal, you can bet that I am getting seconds. 

Running creates community.

I usually run alone (I have yet to try out a run club), but I nevertheless feel like part of a community. I know some people might secretly shake their heads about people that document their fitness journey on Instagram or other social media sites, but the fitness – and especially the running community – feels very supportive and I am so happy to have met so many like-minded people (online and offline).

The reason why I love running the most though?

Running makes me happy.

Running – more often than not – puts a huge smile on my face. I just feel good after most of my runs (even though the run itself might not always feel good). That might seem odd, but that’s a fact.  I feel strong, healthy, and capable and just physically and mentally in a good place.

What do YOU love about running (or your physical activity of choice)?

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  1. I do love the social networks because I have met (virtually) some amazing runners and they are so inspiring.

    I like running with others on long runs but sometimes it’s hard to coordinate times and distances and pace so I do run alone a lot.

    It just turns a bad day into a “good” day.

  2. I also value running as my “me time”. It also makes me feel good that I’m taking time out of the day to make myself a better person – both physically and mentally.

    I also love being a part of the running community. Runners are some of the most positive people I have met.

  3. How do you like your running shoes? I think those are the Levitate 2?

    Running is the best! I have noticed that I am in a much better mood when I do run. :-)

  4. Those are all great reasons to run!

  5. I started running 2 years ago to get some me time actually! Time to just be me and clear my head! But I have grown to love so many other things about running and probably it’s summed up best by your last point, that running makes me happy. It really does :-)

  6. Running is my favorite! I agree with everything you mentioned. I especially love our local running group. We’re like family.

  7. Running has provided me with so many fabulous friendships. I have no idea what I would do without them!

  8. I miss running so much! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up in the spring so I can start logging some miles. I’ve been doing at home cardio/strength training workouts so hopefully that will help make the return to running less painful. ;)

    I love running for the reasons you listed. I also love it because it allows me to see so much beauty in my city. Minneapolis has beautiful dedicated running/walking paths! They are separate from the bike paths which is nice! We live in a great area for running. I can get to various lakes or run along a creek.

  9. I love running for the same reasons that you do! Even when it isn’t the greatest run, I still feel happy to have been out in the fresh air or just getting in a good workout!

  10. YES!! All of those reasons! Especially the me time and just generally feeling good. :)

  11. Yes to all of these reasons – I totally agree. Sometimes after a very long day I feel like skipping gym but once I’m on that treadmill I’m so happy I didn’t. Me time, burning calories, feeling happy :) I haven’t joined a running club yet – maybe one day – I’ve heard they are great.

  12. Yes to all of these! I love that running is a solo sport that lets me just go on my own. It’s when I process all my feelings and when I get to just be.

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