30: It’s a wrap

And just like that, November – and NaBloPoMo – is over again. I did surprisingly well (except for the few days when my blog URL was hijacked) and I hope you had fun participating as well.

If you followed along every single day, kudos to you for sticking by me. Here’s a little recap of what was going on in my world this month, if you missed a couple of my posts and would like to check them out.

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3: What I read in October
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11: Recipe | Zucchini-Cheddar-Scones
12: Health insurance woes
13: Real Life | Spending Summary 2018 – Q3
14: Five Pet Peeves
15: November Link Love
16: 3rd Annual Secret Santa Mug Swap 2018
17: Letters to the universe
18: Recipe | Frittata
19: Disconnected
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21: More German Idioms
22: Things I am {thankful for} Thursdays
23: Currently | November
24: What I bought at Trader Joe’s Vol. 9
25: Recipes | Our Favorite Turkey Bolognese
26: A little life update
27: Our Thanksgiving
28: Christmas Card Roll Call
29: November Favorites
30: It’s a wrap

Tomorrow is the first day of the last month of 2018 (WHAT?) and we’re wrapping up yet another year very soon.  Thanks for sticking around this month, and as always thanks for reading and commenting.

Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for my holiday card exchange if you haven’t already!!

  1. Great job on completing this challenge. I can’t even imagine blogging every single day for a month, so go you!!


  2. Well done on completing the challenge! That is awesome that you did a full 30 days of blogging!
    I cannot believe we are in December – this year is just going so quickly.

  3. Congrats for another on in the books. And even though your blog was hijacked and you obviously were moving house you did much better than I did.

  4. I admire you for completing this challenge! Yay!
    I have been trying very hard to blog every day this year. I did pretty well and only missed a few. I hope the unpacking is going well.

  5. I just looked at the date and I can’t believe we’re already three days into the month of December. How did that happen so soon!? Congrats on your writing milestone for November! That’s amazing; and I also admire you for completing the challenge, what with the obstacles you faced last month (also making sure your blog is all up and running?! I’m so sorry about the hijacking!).

    Hope you have a great December, my sweet! XO

  6. Congrats on making it through another year! Very impressive to blog every day for 30 days straight!!!

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