Hello September

And just like that, it’s September. Did you have a good Labor Day weekend? I was lucky to have Monday off, so we had a nice extra-long weekend. We didn’t have any plans though. We went out to dinner on Saturday and otherwise just hung out at home. I shredded three garbage bags full of old documents, wondering why we were still hanging on to them, finished a book and started a new one, and watched some baseball.

Here’s to a new month and what will be going on in September:

+ I’ve actually managed to get my bullet journal set up before the new month started (that’s a win!) and I’ve gotten a few questions how it’s been working out for me. I definitely have some thoughts on the process and I am planning to write an update on my bullet journal journey soon!

+ Susi talked me into the 20-day challenge hosted by tmacfitness.com and even though I’ll be having a somewhat busy September, I decided to join. I like a good challenge. Transform your body & mind in just 20 minutes a day!  Everybody can find 20 minutes in a day, right? Get ready to SWEAT, EAT CLEAN, and get your #MINDRIGHT. Expect me to be a bit more active over on my IG account (@san_runs_in_ca).

+ Nerd that I am, I really enjoy starting a new budget every month. Just me? I ‘closed out’ August on Friday and now we have a new blank slate for September. As you might recall, I’ve been using YNAB (for over 3 years now) and have reviewed it here before.

+ We’ll be enjoying the end of the baseball season and hope that the Red Sox will win the division again this year (it’s looking good, but there are still some games to go). Then, it’s off to the World Series, if all goes well. 

+ I’ll be going on a field trip (at work) to the Mojave Desert later this month. That should be interesting. The only downside is that I’ll be working over a weekend, but I get comp time, so it’s all good. 

What’s up with you in September?

  1. Well, at least your work is a field trip and you get comp time if you HAVE to work on a weekend. lol I can’t wait to see your post about bullet journaling – don’t forget to link up with Keep It Together (third Thursday of the month). I’m a bit behind on my bullet journal, but it’s an entertainment bullet journal so it’s not as important to be up to date…I have things written down online; I just need to transfer that information over. :)


    1. Thanks for the link-up reminder!

  2. Definitely share some pics of the Mojave! What a cool place for a work trip.

    1. I know, I am excited!

  3. I do enjoy the fresh start a new month brings, especially with my budget. I just wish the first couple days of the month didn’t also mean EVERY SINGLE BILL gets paid! Okay…maybe not every single one, but most. haha

    1. Luckily, a lot of my bills are spread out over the month… but I get what you’re saying ;)

  4. One of my goals for 2019 is to really consider bullet journaling. I don’t always get it out on my blog but I still want to remember stuff and since my memory is garbage, this might be really helpful for me. But I’m weird and I can’t start this close to the end of the year so I have to wait until January. I wish I wasn’t so neurotic.

    1. I totally get it – I’d start a new journal/calendar at the beginning of the year also! ;)

  5. September? It’s September already?! How did that happen?

    I join you in rooting for the Red Sox. They’ll win their division. Their winning-percentage is amazing this year. They’ll go far into the post-season.

  6. The 20 day challenge sounds interesting – I need to check it out.
    Interested to hear more about your bullet journaling – hope you’ll do a post about it.
    Have a great September :)

    1. Yes, I am planning to blog about bullet journaling again… soon, I hope ;) Happy September!

  7. I’m so happy it’s September. I’m soooo ready for fall. Labor Day weekend was very low key for us. We were supposed to go to my parents’ lake home but Paul had a double ear infection so we opted to stay home so he would get plenty of sleep (he doesn’t sleep well in new places). It was nice to have an unexpected weekend at home, though. Phil worked on lots of projects around the house and we went through our office and got rid of a lot of stuff which always feels good.

    September is going to be a busy month for us as we have plans pretty much every weekend. First up is a family wedding this weekend followed by a post-wedding get together the following day. It will be good to see lots of family!

    1. Glad to hear you had a nice Labor Day weekend. Not happy about Paul’s ear infection, but happy that it provided a low key weekend at home!

  8. Wow, what are you going to do in the dessert?

    1. We’ll be flying a drone and collect multispectral imagery of a spring area :)

  9. September just snuck up on me and I’m not ready for summer to be over. The Mojave! That’s cool. Hope you share lots of pictures!! I wanted so badly to start a bullet journal but I just couldn’t lol. Happy September to ya!

    1. I hope to get some cool pictures of the desert! Maybe you can give bullet journaling a try in the future. I know it’s a bit intimidating! ;)

  10. Funny you mention your bullet journal. I was scrambling to do September the day before. I really dropped the ball. LOL.

    The Mojave Desert sounds like it’ll be an amazing little trip. I can’t wait to hear about it and see some pictures. :)

    1. I definitely wasn’t always as up to date with my bujo as I was for September LOL

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