What I bought at Trader Joe‘s – Vol. 7

I haven’t shared my most recent Trader Joe’s buys with you and I am sure you’ve been desperately waiting for an update, am I right?

Isn’t it weird? I shop at Trader Joe’s every single week. I usually have a shopping list that I try to stick to, but I also always peruse the aisles and explore new products. Do you also frequent the “food tasting stand”? It’s always nice to try foods before you buy them and I often try things that I would never ever would have picked up on my own.

However, there are still a ton of items that have been around (apparently) forever, but that I have never consciously seen or purchased. It’s a little mind-boggling to me, because our Trader Joe’s store is a good size, but not HUGE by any means and you’d think, as often as I am there, that I have seen it all, but far from it.

In case that happens to you, too, that you’d like to be made aware of great items that have escaped your food shopping radar so far, I am sharing my Trader Joe’s finds every once in a while, because who knows what you might be missing out on!

So, without further ado, a list of things that I highly recommend you try sometime, if you haven’t already.

European Whole Grain Bread ( 18  oz – $2.99) ★★★★★ \ bread section

It shouldn’t surprise you that I buy this European-style bread from Trader Joe’s. It’s healthy, it’s filling and you should definitely try it with a slice of gouda, touch of mayo, tomato, onion and a pinch of salt & pepper. Then come back and tell me that you couldn’t eat this for the rest of your life. I’ll wait.

Uncured Salame di Parma Mild Salami (4 oz  – $4.99) ★★★★★ \\ deli section

This is hands-down the best salami I had in this country so far. It’s sliced thin and it’s so delicious.

Haricots Verts (Green beans) (12 oz – $2.99)  ★★★★★ \\ vegetable section

As mentioned in my last “monthly favorites”-post, we’ve been on a bit of a green bean kick. We buy these haricots verts from Trader Joe’s and just bake them for 15-20 minutes. It’s the best.

Spinach tortellini (10 oz – $2.29) ★★★★★ \\ refrigerated section

I love that Trader Joe’s has tortellini filled with spinach (my favorite!). They cook really quickly, are great with a bit of pesto or other pasta sauce, or, as I like them, in the tortellini soup I can’t shut up about. At this price point, they are a good deal, too. Most fresh-packaged tortellini are much more expensive.

Gluten free oat cranberry flaxseed cookies( 6 cookies/ 5.7 oz – $2.99 )  ★★★★☆ \\ bread section

Someone recommended them (on social media, was it Instagram?) and of course,  I had to buy and try them, because I like oats-everything. And I tell you, they did not disappoint. They could be a little crispier for my personal taste, but I’d assume most people like the slightly softer texture just fine. I’d definitely buy them again.

What did you pick up at Trader Joe’s this week?

* I am not affiliated with Trader Joe’s, nor have they endorsed, sponsored or paid for my reviews. I am just sharing my love for the store and its products, which basically means free advertisement for them. Ha. All opinions are my own.

  1. Did you know that Trader Joes doesn’t offer the same products in every state? I was really disappointed that I couldnt find the rye whole grain bread in our local TJ in Portland. I used to buy it in CA’s TJ all the time. They also had a bavarian style german bread there that I can’t get here. But I gound a German bakery/butcher here where I can get goid stuff for a reasonable price. I guess that makes up for it.
    I love your TJ posts!!!

    1. Yeah, I heard somebody mention it… and I’ve definitely looked for items at our Trader Joe’s that weren’t available.

  2. Whenever I feel the need for a “Spiegelei auf Brot” or a german style dinner I have to have Trader Joes whole grain bread – sooo good. Haven’t tried the salami yet but will now that you’ve mentioned it.

    1. Oh, you do Spiegelei auf Brot on the whole grain bread? Interesting! I need to try this.

  3. I have never been to a Trader Joes, we don’t have any nearby. But we have Wegmans, and it’s pretty amazing! I love their fresh baked bread and their cheese section… I could live in their cheese section.

    1. I’ve heard about Wegmans, but we don’t have one in our area.

  4. These items looks so similar to Aldi’s items just different packaging. Do you eat gluten free? I didn’t think you did but I saw the gluten free cookies.

    1. The Aldi owners also own Trader Joe’s ;)
      I do not eat gluten-free, but I don’t discriminate against food items that are gluten-free when they taste good :)

  5. Our Trader Joe’s is too much of a shlep (with terrible parking!) to be a regular grocery stop for me, but I DO love that salami!

    1. Oh, bummer. I do MOST of our shopping at Trader Joe’s.

  6. Ooh I’m curious about that tortellini. I need to find more ways to get veggies in. LOL I haven’t been to a Trader Joe’s, but I THINK there is one about 20 minutes from me maybe? I really want to check it out soon!


  7. My latest discovery: Everything but the bagel sesame seasoning blend. Yum-my! I like it on Avocado toast and with hard boiled eggs.

  8. My closest Trader Joes is about an hour away and involves crossing a border, but I have been there recently. I bought a bunch of their dark chocolate fruit and nut bars (because they’re awesome) and falafel mix to try. I had that salami when we were in California in February and I agree, it was the best.

  9. I didn’t know that Trader Joe’s carried this European bread! I am definitely going to pick that up next time I’m in–it’s delicious, just as you described (I looooove gouda!) and my mom always used to make our sandwiches that way :) Thank you for this round-up. TJ’s, here I come :) Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, San! XOXO

  10. I adore Trader Joe’s. They don’t carry everything but what they do have is good quality and surprisingly low price. Plus they offer things I never see elsewhere. On my last trip, I found a jar of mixed spices which are exactly like what you find on an everything bagel. I LOVE THAT!

  11. I will have to get those oat cookies since they are GF. Plus oats are good for lactation. I so wish that TJ’s was closer to us. I would go more often if it was but it’s in a location that isn’t convenient and I am allll about convenience when it comes to getting groceries. Especially these days!!

    1. Those oat cookies are really good. I am sorry TJ’s is so far from you, but I hope you can go and stock up :)

  12. Their potato pancakes are awesome (I love Kartoffelpuffer, but I’m usually to lazy to make them), the chocolate croissants, raspberry/lemon/strawberry popsicles, chickpea salad, tabouli salad, bruschetta sauce, mango/peach cream yogurt…

    1. Oh yes, I gotta get the potato pancakes again. Theyre pretty good… not as good as homemade, but definitely good in a pinch!

  13. I love Trader Joe’s so much, but ours is kind of out in the suburbs, so I don’t get out there as often as I like. But when I go I always stock up on all the staples. I love their meats & cheese selection so much and I agree, their salumi is delicious!

    1. I am really glad that our TJ’s is so close by… I wouldn’t know what to do ;)

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