A rarity

When I went shopping on Friday afternoon, I came across a rarity at the supermarket.

White Asparagus! OMG!

While white asparagus is very popular in Germany, I think I’ve never seen it at a US supermarket before.
I couldn’t resist and bought it. I also found a little kitchen helper for “Sauce Hollandaise”.
Oh, this was going to be such a feast!

We had meatballs with it and little dutch creamer potatoes. As I suspected, they didn’t measure up to the delicious taste of “new potatoes” that we have with it in Germany, but it was still something special.

Sunday night dinner

  1. OMG, NOW I’m jealous!!!!

  2. Y.U.M.M.Y – I’ve always liked the white one better than the green one!

  3. mmmmhhhh…. I want some, too.

  4. I will auch…hmmmmmm.

  5. Ok, Spargel Fan bin ich jetzt nicht so, aber die Meatballs, Kartoffeln und Sauce jederzeit!

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