Secret Santa Mug Swap 2017 Reveal

I am so excited to finally reveal the mugs that were exchanged this year for the second annual Secret Santa Mug Swap! This is the second year I’ve hosted the swap and I am so thrilled that so many of you were excited to participate. There were a total of 15 participants this year (including myself!) It’s been a real pleasure to host again and to see so many people join in the holiday swap fun!

I am also thrilled that everybody got their mugs in time to share.

Lora, who blogs at, had the honors to send a mug to me. She seems to be a real mug-loving soul sister, as she couldn’t decide on just one mug, so she ended up sending me TWO! How awesome is that?!

Let me just say: I understand!

Both mugs are equally awesome and both from her home turf, Minneapolis! Take a look! I love, love, love them!

There is this holiday mug with the penguin and its Christmassy glasses from Caribou Coffee!

And then there is this black mug with the Minneapolis abbreviation! Beautiful! Thank you so much, Lora. I can’t wait to put these mugs to use!

Here are the other mugs that were swapped this year. Thanks so much for being such amazing swap buddies and for sending stuff on time and making sure that everybody got a sweet treat in the mail this holiday season! You’re all awesome!

Lauren / Kathrin / Penny
Rachel / San / Stefanie / Tanja /
Lora / Rachel / Erin / Beth /
Kristen / Meg / Kate / Kathrin /

I tagged the recipients of these mugs in the caption, not the sender. Maybe you’ll find a new blog or a new Instagram account you’ll like to follow along.

Thanks again for signing up and making this year’s Secret Santa Mug Swap such a success. 

  1. Love it! I’m occasionally the worst about sending stuff out or I would have signed up. Maybe next year I’ll be more motivated!

  2. So much fun! Thank you so much for organizing this! I made an awesome new friend! And I love the mugs that Lora sent you, I’ll definitely check out her blog since she is local to me! Hope you had a good Christmas my dear!

  3. Hope you are going to organize this again next year…. If so, count me in! So much fun!

  4. Hey San, it looks like a lot of fun. I will click through and see if I find some new blogs for 2018. Happy evening to you, Tobia

  5. I love that you got a Mpls mug as part of the exchange! :) You know how much I love this city (although I’m not loving it so much right now when it’s so bitterly cold!!).

  6. Thanks for organizing this, San! I had fun connecting with new bloggers!

  7. I’m late for commenting here, but thank you again for putting the swap together! It was a lot of fun. And omg, I love your penguin mug!!


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