14: The 4th annual Secret Santa Mug Swap 2019

Photo by Evelin Horvath on Unsplash

Friends, I decided to do it again. The 4th annual Secret Santa Mug Swap is on. I hope some of you will be interested in spreading a little holiday cheer again this year by picking out a mug and sending a small Christmas package to someone. 

I’ve been hosting the Secret Santa Mug Swap for the last three years and it’s been a lot of fun! Last year, we had 15 participants and many beautiful packages were exchanged. I am giddy just thinking about it. There is something about sending a little love into the world around the holiday season. 

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Ok, let me give you the details:

+ The mug should cost between $5-$10 before shipping. This is just a guideline, if you are willing to spend a couple dollars more, or even put a little something extra in the package, who am I to stop you! 

+ I am going to keep the sign-up open for a week. Sign-up closes on November 24th.

+ You’ll receive a name + address, plus some information about your swap partner, via e-mail on November 25th.

+ Please send out your package by Wednesday, December 11th. Hopefully, that will give you enough time to shop and get the package on its way. I just want to make sure that everybody receives their package before Christmas. Be aware that sending a mug in a package might require a little more postage. The flat rate medium box goes for $14.35 this year (I usually like this because at least you can fill up the package with goodies and make the postage worthwhile). 

+ The swap is open to US residents only.  Last year, I opened up the swap to Canadian residents as well, but there were issues with the delivery of packages and one person ended up not getting her package at all. So unfortunately, I am going back to hosting the swap for people with US mailing addresses only. I know, I am bummed about that, too.

+ Share your mug with us on December 20th on your blog or Instagram with the hashtag: #SecretSantaMugSwap2019

If you’re interested in participating this year, please sign up through this link:


Please remember: if you sign up, you’re expected to purchase a mug and send it to your Secret Santa partner by December, 11th. If you can’t commit to this deadline, please be fair to the other participants and maybe consider signing up another time. 

I hope you join in. And please let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Wishing you all lots of fun and look forward to all the mugs sent around. But may I say postage is really expensive in the states… Wow.

    1. Everything in the US is expensive… hahahaha :)

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