Grace in small things

No, I am not quite yet jumping on the bandwagon of the mysterious “snowball effect” that has rippled through the blogosphere.

I can’t quite commit to the 365 days right now, but I definitely find grace in the small things in life on a daily basis. 
I just talked about this with Susi last weekend, how little things, even the smallest purchases can make me happy sometimes :)

Let’s take the milk frother for example, shall we? Is there anything more divine as a freshly brewed cafe latte with lots and lots of milk foam?


I’ve bought the milk frother at IKEA for $1.99 (excluding the batteries ;)) the other day and it was SUCH a good investment. I am a much happier person in the morning because of it. And it didn’t even cost me 2 bucks (oh, well I guess, it did – including taxes. Can’t you people just add the tax to the sales price already? Well, you get my point :)).

There is also this cute little black cat that’s been residing between our apartment house and the adjacent apartment and which has been greeting me every single morning for the past two months, before I go off to work. It’s become quite the routine and if I could, I would adopt that cat in a heartbeat.

It might be totally random what can make your day. Just keep looking out for the small, but good things in your life!

  1. You are so right, San!

  2. Every day I spend with my doggies and Hubby makes me happy!

  3. HDGGGGGGDL! and a big kiss!

  4. You ALMOST gave in!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
    Yay for all those small things that bring us such joy in the light of so much negativity and sadness!
    The great thing about posting it daily is that it forces me to look out for those small things and have an “attitude of gratitude” (sorry that is lame..hahaha) throughout my day!
    As for the “frothing of milk” can’t quite cheer for that one (not a fan of milk) but happy that it made you happy :)

  5. yeah for those things!

  6. yeah those things are so important and we have to greatful for so many things. thats what i realized when i was injured for so long. and i still appreciate to drive myself or do things without having to ask someone.

  7. I think the little things in life are great. Some people just try to look for big things and the anticipation causes them to miss the little things. I enjoy every second of my day. The good and the bad. The bad things help me to appreciate the good things more. Good post and good deal on the frother. =)

  8. yes yes yes those little things can really brighten your days up. Love them!

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