19: Recipe | Light and creamy turkey-tortellini soup

Can you tell, I am into warm, filling comfort food right now? It’s fall here finally and the temperatures have dropped a bit. We also had the first rain recently. This soup will warm you right up when you come back from a long walk through the neighborhood. I just love soups and stew this time of year and as long as there is some meat and potatoes or noodles in there, J is on board, too.  However, I try to put the emphasis on extra servings of vegetables and ‘healthier’ versions of traditional stews to keep things light.

I lightened up this original recipe quite a bit by using ground turkey (instead of pork sausage), more veggies, vegetable broth (instead of chicken broth),  less half & half (instead of cream) and no extra cheese. It was still delicious, creamy and filling and I didn’t miss anything by substituting a few things. You should give this a try this winter!

[yumprint-recipe id=’19’]Adapted from chelseasmessyapron.com.

7 thoughts on “19: Recipe | Light and creamy turkey-tortellini soup

  1. This looks delicious and super comforting for the season…I always favor stews and soups during the colder months, too…I have ground vegetarian crumbles; I feel like this could very easily be completely vegetarian and I really want to attempt it!!

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