Happy Global Running Day 

Today is Global Running Day again, an occasion to celebrate all the joys of running! Hooray! Over one million people from 185 countries have pledged to run today!

I can’t tell you how much running has become a part of my life in the last couple of years, but especially in the last year. And I can only reiterate: I would have never thought that I would become a distance runner. Like, ever! But, now I am and I am loving it.

So, today is a good opportunity to remind ourselves why running is awesome and why you should give it a try sometime.

As previously mentioned, I used to be more of a team sport person and running was always part of my exercise routine, but never my main sport. When you play other sports, running is often your warm-up exercise and then also — unfortunately — used as a punishment. It’s too bad running gets a bad rep this way. To be honest, it’s never something I truly hated, but I also didn’t embrace its potential. Now it has become something to keep me motivated, level-headed, challenged, balanced and on track.

I pledged to run 5 miles (which I actually ran yesterday, since that is how it came out with my training schedule and I have work commitments today. Sue me!). Go and pledge your own miles over here.

To celebrate today, I wanted to share 5 things I absolutely love about running.

1. You can run anywhere at any time, alone or in a group.

The main reason I started running as my main exercise is that once I moved to the US and didn’t have my team sports anymore, I had to find something that I could do independent of other people. Running was something I was able to do anytime and anywhere. I didn’t have to go to the gym, wait for a class to start or find other people to do it with me (like for so many other sports, where you need a partner. Although, it is pretty nice running with other people!).

2. The only one you are competing with is yourself.

Of course, it’s absolutely exhilarating to win a race (ha!), but in all honesty, this is not liklely to happen very often for most of us. We often compare ourselves to others, which can boost motivation, but in the end, it doesn’t matter how fast or far other people run.  Instead, running is where we check in with ourselves and with our own goals and aspirations. Conquering this new distance or chasing this new PR is what it’s all about! And on most days, it’s just about getting out there and having fun!

3. Running is therapy.

I used to mostly run when I was upset or when there was something I had to work out emotionally. It’s amazing how much power moving your physical body has over the emotional state of your body. Running can clear my mind and make me feel better like no other thing. It’s like you can literally ‘run away’ from whatever was bothering you and come back with a fresh mind (and plan to tackle the problem).

4. Running teaches you a lot about your body.

Running teaches you what you pain tolerance is, what endurance looks like and you’ll get a very acute sense of when your body is telling you that you need to take a break and when you should push ahead. I used to think that when running got hard, that is when I needed to stop. Now, I know that sometimes it’s only your head telling you to stop and your body is ready and capable of so much more.

5. Running creates an invisible bond.

I feel extremely fortunate that I have found the running community (on- and offline) and I love how supportive and encouraging everybody is. In my experience, it’s mostly the people who don’t exercise who would make negative comments about runners/athletes, but within the running community, people are just positive and inspiring. It’s one of the best parts about running.

On a different note, I also signed up to be an officially Brooks-endorsed athlete today. Brooks is creating the biggest team of officially-endorsed athletes ever and I love it.

My Brooks Ghosts were my first official running shoes and I am loving the brand and what they stand for. 


Starting June 7 (Global Running Day), we’re offering every athlete their very own endorsement deal.

This isn’t your typical “Big Brand Signs Big Personality” endorsement deal. This is all about finally giving you—and thousands of other runners like you—the superstar treatment you deserve. Why? Because we celebrate runners who put in the time, day in and day out. We support your morning miles, lunch break runs, sunset sweat sessions, and every single celebratory post-run beer.

The Brooks Big Endorsement is the biggest athletic endorsement deal in history, with Brooks signing runners of all speeds and abilities. We’re inviting everyone to be part of Brooks and get out and run—whatever that means to you. By signing up, you get to join the roster of endorsed Brooks athletes, and receive a grand payment of $1 (US and Canada only).

#runready #brooksendorsed

Want to know more? Click here.

Happy Global Running Day everyone!
What are you doing today to celebrate?

  1. I love this post, girl. Running definitely creates bonds, and it’s such a wonderful sport to challenge yourself and crush your own goals.

  2. I hope you had a great Global Running Day! Running has done so much for me and I totally agree with everything you said! I was wondering about the new Brooks endorsement that I saw online…cool!

  3. I love that you have fallen in love with running! It really is such a great sport. What I love about it the most is that you can do it pretty much anywhere and it requires so little equipment!

    I ran 4.5 miles on Global Running Day. In the past that would have been a really short run but now it’s kind of an average run for me as I’m getting back into running in preparation to start training for my fall half. It was pretty hot and humid that day so I didn’t feel my best but after not being able to run for so long last year, it gives me perspective on those not-so-good runs as I keep in mind how lucky I am to be able to run!

  4. <3 <3 I feel the invisible bond! 100% for sure!

  5. Running is great therapy :)

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