My friend Lisa wrote a cool post sharing her personal quirks with us and I thought it was so fun to learn about her own personal idiosyncrasies.  I am convinced, all of us have little quirks, personal preferences, and OCD tendencies and I thought I’d share mine today. Here we go:

+ I can’t sleep without something covering my mid-section. I don’t know why that is, but even if it’s super-hot, I have to have a sheet or something covering my waist, hips, and thighs. It’s totally a comfort thing.

+ I am very particular about how I take my coffee. It has to be just right in terms of how strong the brew is, what temperature it is at, and its ratio to any add-ins (I prefer 50:50 with 2% milk and a splash of original creamer). I hope you wrote this down (j/k).

+ Lisa mentioned that she’s a fast typer and I loved to hear that because I am a fast typer, too! 90WPM (both in English and German – ha!) and my Dad says it sounds like a drum roll when I type. I was fortunate to attend a typing class in college (BEFORE I typed my 100 page thesis!) and I am so thankful I did. My sister still types with 3-4 fingers (I think) and she is a teacher and has to frequently type up report cards. I keep telling her that she needs to put the time in and attend a typing class – it’ll be a time saver in the long run! Are you a fast typer? Don’t know? Test yourself here.

+ I am sort of ambidextrous. I can’t really write with my left hand, but I will randomly eat with the spoon/fork in my left hand sometimes. I also trained long jump in college consistently using my right leg as the takeoff leg and then – on exam day – I used my left leg (without really noticing) and achieved a better result than in training. Funny how that works. I also had a stronger backhand in tennis and would switch between right and left hand hitting in softball.

+ I wear my watch on my right wrist.

+ I sit at my desk with my legs in eagle pose. People always ask if that isn’t uncomfortable, but no, it’s very comfortable for me and it’s totally a subconscious thing that I don’t even think about.

+ I eat Twix from the top layer down. I never just bite into it, but eat the chocolate-caramel layer first and then the cookie bar. How do you eat your Twix?

+ I am German, born and raised, and don’t drink beer (riddle me that, Batman!). Well, generally. In the summer, I will make an exception and have the occasional Radler (German word for Shandy, basically. Light beer with sparkling soda.)

Share one of your quirks with me!

  1. Hahaha, I found more similarities…..
    1) I need a cover up for my midsection while sleeping
    2) I’m a fast typer, took a typing class ones and was always very competitive when it came to “who can type the most words in 10 minutes”
    3) I’m not a big beer fan myself, but like ones in a while a Krefelder (beer + cola, my husband introduced me to that)
    4) Twix – same here :)
    5) I really don’t care on which arm I wear my watch, but right now it’s on the right (due to the fact that my newest ink, on the left rest, still has to heal).
    Sorry, that wasn’t just one …. I’m just amazed much we really have in common.

    1. Ha! That’s amazing, Tanja… I am less and less surprised :)

  2. Whaaaaaaaaaat?? You don’t drink beer?? I can’t wait to have a beer again! And it apparently helps with lactation (yay!). :)

    Your sister should definitely take a typing class! It’ll help move her work along so quickly. Can’t believe she still types with just 3-4 fingers. I remember in junior high we had to do typing exercises in computer class. That’s what actually helped me out SO much.

    Hmmmm…what’s a quirk of mine….I can’t really think of any, but Matt would be right person to ask. He’d list several in an instant!

    1. You can have all of my beer… :)

      And please, ask Matt and report back. I want to know your quirks :)

  3. This was fun to read! I’m glad you played along! I also need to have something covering my body when sleeping, even if it’s crazy stupid hot/humid! I’m particular about my coffee, too, and only like it hot. I don’t like cold cold or coffee-flavored ice cream! Phil is also sort of ambidextrous as he always eats with his left hand and brushes his teeth with his left hand. I deal cards with my left hand but do everything else with my right hand.

    I’m high fiving you remotely for also being a fast typer! I can’t imagine not using all of my fingers to type – I’d be soooo slow!

    1. Interesting. Love to hear that others are kinda ambidextrous, too :P

  4. Seriously..are you me?! I was reading this list and I am the same exact as you. I’ll always sleep with a comforter on..even if it’s 100 degrees and no AC in the house. I need to have the same ratio of cream/milk and sugar. If there isn’t one or the other I’ll drink it black. I’m right handed but wear my watch on my right wrist. I just took a typing test last week and got 94 WPM. I will just randomly stand in eagles pose and always sit that way (i’m sitting like that as I type). I eat my Twix the same way (sometimes I’ll eat the cookie part first so I’m left with the chocolate/caramel last). I eat all layered candies like this! And, to top it off, I’m German too, BUT I looovvvee beer!

    Soooo basically we’re twins!

    1. No way!! That is so funny…. we’re almost twins :)

  5. Ich hatte “Textverarbeitung” in der Schule und hab das echt gehasst. Aber jetzt bin ich super froh, dass ich ordentlich tippen kann. Ich tippe übrigens ziemlich leise – Tobi hingegen extrem laut (und nicht mit 10 Fingern!!) und das macht mich manchmal sehr wahnsinnig! :)

    Bier mag ich auch nicht. Und das als Kölnerin!

    Twix esse ich ganz normal aber dafür knabbere ich bei anderen Riegeln erst die Schokolade ab. Bounty zum Beispiel. Und beim Hanuta mache ich eine Waffel runter damit der Rest dann schokoladiger schmeckt :)

    1. Ha! Du magst auch kein Bier? Wusste ich das? Echt… und das als Kölnerin. Allerdings habe ich letzte Woche ja in einem Biergarten hier Früh Kölsch auf der Karte gefunden und ein Radler bestellt. Das war lecker :)

      1. Ich mag Schöfferhofer Weizen Grapefruit ;-) Das war’s an Bier, haha…

  6. I also don’t like beer despite having grown up in Portland (apparently they have more breweries per capita than Germany! — or did at least), and I usually sleep with something over me too, like a sheet or something, although that isn’t a consistent quirk, but there’s something about snuggling with a blanket over me that’s comforting. :) I should think of my own list!

    1. Yes, I’d love to read your own list!

  7. Here’s what’s interesting: I only type with my index fingers, but I have around the same WPM as you! Typing with all of my fingers slows me down sooo much (I never took any type of typing class!), but I’m super fast when just using my index fingers! Weird, I know. Very quirky. ;)

    1. You only type with TWO fingers? That’s amazing…

  8. Twix! I also agree with top-down! I also like to eat the chocolate off the sides first so it is even easier to eat the top separately.

    1. Thanks for stopping by…. love to hear that you eat your Twix the same way!!

  9. Hey San,
    I am so with you on #1. I couldn’t fall asleep without being covered up – however I might wake without a cover. I have never thought about eating my twix your way but might have to try. What I really regret is not ever having taken a typing class. Well I did sort of when I stayed in the US a year but I came late to that class and never caught up so I think use 8 fingers. I have to do that test see how I manage.
    Have a great Sunday night,

  10. Ha, I also type at 90 WPM! It makes the writing I have to do for work go by much faster… as long as my brain can keep up! Hahah.

    1. Yes, the brain speed is a COMPLETELY different story… ;)

  11. Fast typists FTW! I don’t know how fast I am anymore, but at one point I actually earned my living as a typist for a major daily newspaper. Now, I couldn’t do it in two languages, but at one point I was 107 wpm in English with 98% accuracy. What up, awesome college job! :)


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