2: Five things you might not know about me

Today I am linking up with Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 Linkup and I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some more random facts about me, in case there are new some new visitors here. Come and get to know me better, or ask questions if you have them!

If you stopped by here through the Friday Five 2.0 link-up, welcome! I am also participating in NaBloPoMo this month, which is a 30-day blog posting challenge and you can read all about it in yesterday’s post (and join in, if you’re so inclined!). 

1. A brief introduction: Hi, I am San and I live in sunny California, but I grew up in Germany. I know, most of you know that, but did you know that I have lived in the U.S. for almost 17 freakin’ years now? Typing this out makes my eyes bulge out of my head, because how is that even possible? I am not that old! I wrote a little bit about my life-changing move to the US  here a couple of years ago and about the decision to come to California in the first place here. I know some of you have read my blog from the beginning and I am thankful for that. 

2. You know, I really like the idea of winding down with a glass of wine in the evening, but it always ends up being a cup of tea for me. 

3. I have (sadly) never had a pet in my life (unless you count the parakeet that I got for my 6th birthday and had for about two weeks before my parents gave it away.) Maybe one day.

4. I’ve only been in the hospital once in my life (for iron-deficiency anemia). I have no idea where it came from (they never found a definitive cause), but it took a blood transfusion and several years of iron supplements to get my iron levels up to normal.

5. I could have been an Olympic javelin gold medalist. Ok, I know, how is that for a random fact, right? The short story is: nah, not really. I am exaggerating.

The long story: As you might know,I have a degree in physical education and as part of the degree, I had to pass a practical exam in “track and field” (and other sports, of course). You had to pick three disciplines (one in each category: running, throwing, jumping). In my first exam,  I tried to “cheat my way” through it. Track and field wasn’t really my thing and my strategy was to put in the least amount of effort to pass. I chose 100m-sprint (get it over with), discus (seemed cool!), and long jump (why not?). Well, apparently not good choices for me, because I failed.

I had another shot at the exam the following semester and I realized that just maybe I should choose the disciplines more wisely. I chose 3000m (the previous semester had proved that I was definitely NOT a sprinter, but maybe that’s where I learned that middle to longer distances might be my thing?!), long jump (still better at that than high jump) and javelin. I did pretty well in the running and jumping discipline, but apparently, I was a natural at javelin throwing. I could barely get the discus out of my hand, but apparently, the javelin was a different story. The distance I threw was off the grading chart. Ha! If only I had known that earlier. The possibilities!

What’s one thing you were unexpectedly good at? Tell me a random fact about you while you’re here!

  1. Oh, I have been here since almost the beginning. You were still in Germany and about to move to California.
    One thing you don’t know about me: I sang classically and for many events from age 4 until age 17. Then something happened and I got stage fright! Now the only ones who hear me sing are the dogs, Jack and my grandchildren!

    1. That is wonderful that your grandchildren get to hear you sing! :)

  2. Wow – 17 years in the US. Crazy! I’m a long time blog reader, too! I’m not sure how long but it’s been MANY years!

    Something random I am good at is excel formulas. :) I LOVE excel, which is a good thing since I use it for my job. But I use it in my personal life, too. It was very handy when I was planning my wedding as I used formulas when planning out table seating so figure out when I had X number of people assigned to a table. I also used it when I worked on thank yous. I had a formula that showed what % of thank yous I had done. Phil thought it was funny that I used excel formulas to track something like that but I just loved seeing the % grow as I got closer and closer to being done! :)

    A random fact about me is that I am TERRIFIED of things like spiders, snakes, and mice. I know they are probably terrified of me, too, since I”m so much bigger than them but I can’t keep that in mind when I see one.

    1. Oh I love Excel (and I am fairly good with the formulas, too, because I have to use Excel at work a lot!) The possibilities are limitless!

  3. Wow, javelin…. I had no clue!
    Not sure if you know this: I was born without one of the hip bones and doctors told my mom I would never been able to walk.
    Well, I’m more than thankful that a little miracle happened when I was almost 2 years old – the Hip bone started to develop. Better late than never :)

    1. No! I had no idea you were born without a hip bone. How crazy is that?

  4. I didn’t know about the javelin, that is amazing! This was a fun post and a fun way to learn a bit more about you! I’m glad you shared it!

    1. Thank you, Beth! I always love learning random facts about others ;)

  5. Wow, is it too late to take up the javelin!? I am horrible at throwing! I don’t know if there is anything I am unexpectedly good at. I feel like everything that I am good at is from practicing!

    1. Hey, practice is usually way to get good at stuff!

  6. The talent from javelin might go hand in hand with the fact that you are a tennis player? Hand – Eye coordination plus a good shoulder muscle? I was also good at „Schlagball“ and apparently I have talent for Golf!!! But I don‘t like that game at all.
    Always fun to read new things about you.

    1. Oh yes, I though the same thing – growing up playing tennis might actually have helped a lot! And I can see how golf would be another one of those sports where skills transfer!

  7. That’s so random re: javalin throwing! I don’t know anyone who has ever done that before and I feel like I only ever heard of it on the Olympics so your story of being an almost Olympic-level athlete seems plausible to me :) I can’t beliebe it’s been 17 years since you have lived in the US! Love reading these things about you and do all you can to stay out of the hospital. Having just been released, I can say it’s not something I’m planning on repeating anytime soon :) xoxo and best wishes for the weekend ahead!

    1. We had to throw javelins in high school as part of our physical education so I had been exposed before. I don’t think that P.E. in the States really touches on all the different sports that are out there!

  8. Love your javelin throwing story :)

  9. The javelin throwing story made me smile.

    A random fact about me…I’m always so bad at these. When I was 16, I wanted nothing more than to marry my high school boyfriend and have lots of babies. I went on a medical mission trip, where one of my parents’ former youth group kids (married adult woman in her 30s by then) was my roommate and she talked me into breaking up with him and exploring the world. I’m so grateful to her for helping me realize that there was a huge world out there waiting for me.

    1. Oh, that was a very wise roommate! There is so much to learn and explore in the world!

  10. Whoa, 17 years. That’s a whole teenager’s life and then some. ;-) I dunno if I have an unknown random talent. :p Trying to figure out what post #2 for NaBloPoMo will be. I have a few hours to go!

    1. Yes, a whole teenager’s life… wow! That puts it into perspective!

  11. Javelin! I legit know nobody who can do that. I don’t know if that is something even offered anywhere near me.

    1. We had to throw javelins in high school, so I had been exposed before… but I am not sure all P.E. classes do that.

  12. If only you knew about your javelin throwing abilities earlier! That would have been awesome! I don’t think I’m unexpectedly good at anything, but how cool would that be? Random fact about me though: I never took a dance class growing up, but I decided to start in my early 20’s and I love it (I’ve even been in two recitals LOL)


    1. That is so cool that you took up dancing in your 20’s! It’s never too late to learn something new!

  13. Oh wow the javelin story is really cool. I love those kinda stories. Isn’t it amazing how we sometimes just don’t know what we are capable of until it is basically to late? I had a similar experience when I came to the US and did long jump for the first time in my life and went to state 3 month later. I think I still hold the school record 20 years later. Never did it again. Oh the possibilities. Anyhow, I would also always choose tea over wine to find down. Just now sitting in the train from Cologne to Berlin sipping my earl grey.

    1. wow, so cool you have a similar story with the long jump! It’s amazing the things you find out about yourself :)

  14. That javelin story made me smile. Who knew there was an Olympic gold medalist waiting inside of you?! ;)

    I guess my secret talent is remembering people’s names and birthdays. If you’ve told me your birthday once, I’ll probably remember it forever. It’s just a weird skill I have, haha.

    1. Oh that is a great talent. I love people who remember birthdays :)

  15. Since you were so good at the javelin, I wonder if you’d be good at baseball or done well during the Greco-Roman era? ;-)

    1. I actually played softball for a few years back in Germany. I played catcher and 3rd base (both positions that require a good throwing arm!) and I was batting champion one year :) not sure about the Greco-Roman area, but I know they “threw” a lot of things LOL

  16. Love your random facts and I’m really surprised to learn that you’ve never had any pets. As yet, I have not discovered any amazing talent, but that’s so cool that you have a natural talent for javelin! And 17 years is awesome – I’ve just reached my 8 year anniversary in NZ :)

  17. I love the javelin story! It’s always neat to think about what might have been.

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