5 Blogging Pet Peeves


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Please, please do me a favor and don’t truncate your feed. I hate nothing more (ok, that’s an overstatement, but…) than if I browse new blog posts in my reader and can’t see the full post. I know, I know, you want me to click over and read the post on your blog (and maybe even leave a comment while I am there), but I am much more likely to click over and comment, when I was initially able to read your post in my reader.

The reason why I like to read blog posts (originally) in my reader (I use Feedly) is that their font, text spacing and layout is very eye-pleasing and make a quick scan very easy. Many of the blogs I read have eye-pleasing designs as well, but if you’re using a handwriting font on your blog (which in large chunks of texts always looks ‘’messy”) or don’t use paragraphs, text justification, appropriate line spacing or other means of balancing your text, it makes the act of reading your posts really hard on your audience. Another point why you shouldn’t truncate your feed.

I love comments as much as the next person blogger and love it even more if a blog post starts a dialogue with my readers. However, if you do reply to comments in your comment section, it would be really nice if a notification was sent out to the original commentator. I personally can’t keep track of where I left comments (I try to comment a fair amount)  and then go back to check if you left a reply underneath. I personally reply to comments through emails.

You don’t have to blog every single day. No, really. It’s ok. Quality > quantity is definitely my motto. Yes, I am sure we’ve all posted the occasional silly, not so highly qualitative (but maybe entertaining?) post, but what I am saying is it’s ok to skip some days here and there. The Internet is not going anywhere and what are you going to blog about anyway if you never leave your house?

Don’t write a blog post apologizing that you haven’t blogged lately. I am sure your regular audience has noticed that you were kind of absent (and in the best case scenario, missed you!), but a) you never ever have to apologize for taking a blogging break and b) just come back with some interesting content instead. This is what people are most likely looking forward to.

Do you have a blogging pet peeve?

  1. I hate all of those things too. Lol. What a world.

  2. 100% agree with most of these! :)

  3. I’m with you on most of these. I wonder if all platforms allow for a person to choose for the reader to see the whole post in a feed? I know WordPress does, but no idea if for example Blogger does.

    I’ve gone back and forth about the commenting section. I’ve found it easier to reply back in my own comment section, but not sure if that pings the person who commented. I think, but I’m not sure, the person may have to check a box to be notified.

  4. Ich LIEBE Feedly und les fast gar nicht mehr online. Da ich ja selbst weiß, dass man sich über das Blogdesign Gedanken macht, ist das natürlich keine so schöne Entwicklung aber ich find’s viel praktischer.
    Und zu den comments… Ich finde das voll blöd, dass Blogger keine Benachrichtigung schickt wenn man geantwortet hat, weswegen ich gar nicht erst antworte. Das ist aber ja eigentlich auch nicht richtig. Ich werde mir Mühe geben, comments (du bist ja eh fast die einzige, hihi) auf andere Weise zu beantworten. Ein kleines Dankeschön auf diesem Wege, dass du bei mir immer so viel schreibst :-*

  5. I generally agree. Though, I think when people apologize for not blogging, they often feel like they’ve missed out and are hoping to reconnect. I know, you don’t need to apologize to do that, but sometimes that’s just what people do. =)

  6. I generally agree with these as well. The most annoying one for me is having to click through to read the full post!

  7. Yes to all of these. I used to be so much better about responding to comments, I need to get better about that one for sure!

  8. I always feel the need to apologize after not blogging for a while, or point it out, but I finally stopped the habit. I think there was a stronger desire back when almost everyone was blogging regularly – now that more and more people blog whenever they want, I feel less compelled to point out/apologize for my absence.

  9. Yes to all of these! I especially hate truncated feeds – one of my favorite bloggers just started using a truncated feed and it makes me so annoyed. Yet I love her writing so I will always click through. Sigh.

    Also, yes! Comments! There is no point in responding to comments on your blog, if they don’t get emailed to the commenter. I never, ever go back to see if a blogger has responded to my comment.

  10. I’m very pleased to hear that one of your pet peeves is people who finally get around to catching up on their feed and leave 7 comments in under 10 minutes….ahem. ;)


  11. I agree with all of these. I love commenting and receiving them, but I, too, like to reply by email which isn’t always possible, so I have started replying to the comments on my blog as well…
    Great post!

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