25: Five pet peeves

1. Bikes without lights. It’s pretty dark outside in the morning when I leave for work and also at night when I drive home. No surprise. It’s November. I really don’t get, however, why so many people who ride their bikes, don’t seem to think that it might be a good idea to make themselves visible in low lighting. I’m not sure why bikes are even sold without lights (except for sports bikes. Maybe.). Please enlighten me.

2. People who linger on the sidewalk. If you need to check your phone, tie your shoe lace, talk to your friend, … get out of the way. Don’t stop suddenly (or people will run into you) and don’t slow down to the speed of a turtle.

3. People who clearly (should) know me and don’t greet. I run into the same people at my office building frequently and there are a handful of people who just never say hello. Is it really that hard to be friendly?

4. The mail carrier ringing my door bell for a package, after he has put the rest of my mail in my mailbox. WHY?

5. Overly enthusiastic shop assistants. I’m ok with having someone greet me at the door and maybe even point out some deals, but that’s as far as I want to interact with that person, unless I have a specific question. And then I will ask. Don’t keep asking me if I need help finding something when I already told you that I’m just browsing.

  1. I am actually the unfriendly person that does not really look at other coworkers when I see them in the elevator in the morning/after work. I just don’t feel like talking to anyone. I am sure I come off as rude/b*tchy… But people tend to stick to themselves in our office since there are so many people on our floor (550)!!

    My pet peeves are slow walkers, groups of people who walk shoulder-to-shoulder and thus take up the entire sidewalk, people who try to tell me I should like Charlotte even though they have never been here, and people who get in line to board a plane well before their zone has been called!

  2. I am with you on all points you’ve listed!!!
    I even don’t get why soooo many car driver don’t realize that they haven’t turned on their lights……
    Whenever somebody stops all of a sudden on the sidewalk he/she get’s a comment from this one…. Sorry but this is just common sense.

  3. I feel like the sales associates in retail stores have been even more overly enthusiastic since the holidays started. I get they’re just trying to do their job, but when 10 different people approach me in the matter of minutes, it starts to get annoying!

  4. Gosh, #5, YES! Drives me crazy. How many times does someone need to ask me if I need help?! If I needed it, I would ask!

  5. Sidewalk behavior should be the same as road behavior – ditto for walkways in airports. PULL OVER to the side and get the eff out of my way so I don’t run into you. That drives me crazy!

  6. Clearly, I’m waaaaay behind on blog reading and am finally catching up just as you leave for Germany. ha.

    I’m totally with you on people who linger on the sidewalk. Living in the city means people wait for buses – and during the morning commute, there can be 10-20 people waiting at any given bus stop. I LOATHE when people haphazardly wait for the bus, some on the grass, some curbside, and some in the middle of the sidewalk, making it virtually impossible for someone trying to walk through the area.

    Also, our mail carrier does the exact same thing – rings our doorbell for packages, but puts our mail in our box separately. Such a weird system. Then again, this is the USPS and they’re not exactly terrific at efficiency.

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