Holiday weekend

4 day-weekends are just awesome. Even though I get 3 day-weekends most weekends, 4 days are definitely better and the weekend has never felt that long in a while.  Do I sound snobby or what? ;)

After the great food on Thursday and some shopping yesterday, I didn’t leave the apartment today.
I stayed in my PJ’s, watched TV, surfed the Internet, read my book and was pretty much just l-a-z-y.

Yes, I actually went to a store on Black Friday! But to be honest, it wasn’t really as bad as I expected  and a) I didn’t go out at 4 a.m. in the morning and b) avoided the mall. I’am not totally crazy.
Did you dare to go to the store yesterday?
I mainly went shopping for some household items – as if they couldn’t have waited another day or two! – and I also wanted to get some of the Christmas gifts on my list.  I have to say that I started planning early this year and I am pretty much done with my Christmas shopping (or will get the rest online), because there is no way I’ll do more shopping on the December weekends. It’ll be just as busy as on Black Friday (unless the economy being down really has the predicted big impact this holiday season).

I hope you enjoyed (and still enjoy) the long weekend as much as I do. I’ll retreat back to the couch and watch a movie now.

  1. Hi San! I’m finally back in the land of Wireless Connections and wanted to congratulate you for venturing out on Black Friday. I haven’t gone in so many years because I just can’t stand the craziness of it! More power to ya!

    Your “Turkey” dinner looks awesome – hope you had a good day.

  2. Your Thanksgiving dinner looked delicious, San! Awesome! Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

  3. i guess that sounds like the perfect long weekend.:-) layziness!!!!

  4. Nope I stayed home and far away from the maddening crowd! Skiing was okay. Too many kids under the age of 10 skiing waaay too fast and scaring this old lady!

  5. Wow! I want to do nothing too! I just had a few days off from school and instead of doing nothing I had to tie up some loose ends. UNFAIR!! If I had a million dollars I would do nothing! I would sit around on my ass and do nothing. It would be all I had ever hoped…haha. It would probably get really boring.

  6. I went shopping friday but only for a bit, nothing to crazy (had to work most of the day). i love doing nothing, even though doing nothing right now involves looking for a job and studying for finals. so not really nothing. but i was in my pj’s all day yesterday, new pj’s from kohls for only $11 dont you love that store?? :) big hug

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