12: Sometimes

Sometimes I can’t believe how fast the year flies by. How is 2013 almost over?

Sometimes I am perplexed how fast connections can be made and then fizzle out. I know that this is probably normal, but I am always left a little bit disappointed.

Sometimes I wish it was possible to live someone else’s life for a day. I mean, just imagine how much perspective one would gain.

Sometimes I get really giddy when I think about the time when I see my family again.

Sometimes I just love skyping with far away friends. It’s almost like hanging out in person.

Sometimes I wish multi-tasking was a real thing.

Sometimes I am sad about problems I couldn’t fix, relationships that failed and expectations I couldn’t meet.

Sometimes I’m happy about the things that worked out, relationships that are strong and expectations that were exceeded.

Sometimes a second pot of coffee is absolutely necessary. Thankfully the caffeine doesn’t really affect me.

Sometimes I splurge on something and instantly feel bad, until I remind myself that the occasional splurge is good for the soul.

Sometimes I really long for the days when there was no Internet and no smartphones. I am fully aware that I wouldn’t know (most of) you if that was the case and that would be incredibly sad.

Sometimes I worry too much about things I have no control over, even though I am trying really hard not to.

Sometimes I want to cut my hair short, just to see what it’s like. But then I don’t, because I know I would regret it.

Sometimes I wish I could relive certain times of my past. It hurts a little bit to think that these times are forever gone.

Sometimes I wish that there was enough happiness for everyone.


Your turn, fill in the blank. Sometimes I ______________________.

{inspired by the “Sometimes I…” posts by Mandy}

  1. Sometimes I really can’t believe that I actually live in Charlotte. Sometimes I wish that I did not cry as easily as I do, but then I have to accept that it’s what makes me me. Sometimes I think that maybe I could get rid of my tv because I just don’t feel drawn to watching it much… but I never will because I would miss Parenthood and Top Chef too much. Sometimes I wish I was a nurse or had some other jobs like that that I could do in any city in the world.

  2. Sometimes I wish away today, dreaming about tomorrow. Sometimes I can’t stop working, because I love my new job so much. Sometimes I harbor unforgiveness. Sometimes I grab two chocolates out of the bowl ;)

  3. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and do things differently.
    Sometimes I think life is so unfair, even if I am aware that there are people out there who have much bigger problems than me.
    Sometimes I wish I could go back to my teenage years and enjoy the days with no responsibility and no sorrows.
    Sometimes I ask myself why it had to be my Mom getting dementia.
    Sometimes I just want to sit and cry about all the moments she will never experience with us anymore.
    Sometimes I am scared that I forget my memories about her.

  4. Sometimes I wish I could get a do-over on the important things.
    Sometimes I wish I could stay in bed all day, without feeling guilty about things I need to do.
    Sometimes I wish my bathroom floor would replace itself.

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