Goodbye 2012, hello 2013


Hello 2013.
Happy new year to you, lovelies.

Once again, I am super-late with my New Year’s wishes. I apologize. In case you thought I was going to quit this blog for good: nope! But I know it’s been awfully quiet around here the last few weeks. I was completely “unplugged” while in Germany and it felt really, really good. I had a really intense time with my family and every day was pretty much filled to the brim with awesome things (and just a little bit of down time here and there, but not much).

Originally, I was only supposed to be gone for 3 weeks, but shortly before my return flight, I did something that I’ve never done before: I postponed my flight. The day before I was to leave my family, I just called up the airline, asked how much it would be to change my flight and when the airline fee was ridiculously inexpensive, just DID IT. I calmly walked downstairs to have breakfast with my parents and casually dropped the bomb (aka, ‘I am staying another week’).

I know. It sounds to good to be true, right? Extending one’s vacation on a whim?

However, the reason behind my decision were a little bit more complicated. You see, we spontaneously decided on Christmas Eve that we’d move my (90-year old) great aunt into the ‘granny flat’ in my parents’ house. Up until now, she had still been living in her 1-bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor! Without an elevator! It’s pretty impressive that she was able to walk up and down those stairs every day, but she’s now getting to a point where this becomes too much of a burden on her (physically) and we could finally convince her to move. She gave notice right after New Year’s (in Germany, you have to give three months-notice!) and my sister and I spent afternoons at her place packing up her belongings. While she agreed to move and is looking forward to be around family more, leaving a place where she has lived for 30 years and the whole process of packing up her life is hard.
I just came to the conclusion that I could not just up and leave and leave all the work of the move to the rest of my family, because frankly, I am never there to help with anything during the rest of the year. Well, one could argue that I am never there for the fun parts (birthdays and other get-togethers) either. Very true.

To top it all off, my great-aunt was really overwhelmed and stressed out by the moving activities and ended up in the hospital last Wednesday (she’s still there). I don’t want to imagine what it would have felt like, if I had left the previous weekend. I was just so relieved that I was able to stay.

So anyway, I have a very cool boss who was fine with my extended stay and it felt really good to be able to just be there for my great aunt and the rest of my family. Saying goodbye never gets easier and was particularly hard this time, so bear with me while I try to adjust back into my life here. Recaps to come soon!


  1. I think it was splendid! Did J stay too? Welcome home!

  2. So glad you got the opportunity to stay! Can’t wait to hear about your trip – your photos were such fun glimpses, that I’m sure the rest of the story is just as good :-)

  3. Welcome home! You have been sorely missed on Twitter and the blogosphere. :) I’m glad you had such a great time with your family and YAY for having longer to spend with them. That must have felt so nice!

  4. Oh San, that sounds wonderful and I so know about the saying good bye bit getting harder at times. Family just becomes more centre of life again as we grow older. I felt guilty about not sending you a card and loved yours-design and text. Can’t wait to hear from you more! Not sure about the blogging myself, would anyone read? Do I have this much to say? What website? and similar stuff… but I’m toying with the idea. Anyways, good to have you back xx

  5. Welcome back! I have missed your posts, but I am glad that you unplugged over there. And I am really glad you have a flexible boss that let you stay an extra week. I am sorry that the move has been so hard on your great-aunt. :/ Big changes like that are so tough – I hope she is on the mend and out of the hospital soon!

  6. Happy New Year! And welcome back! I’m so glad you got to spend an extra week at home. I can imagine how hard it would have been to come back and then hear about everything happening and not be able to be there for it. It’s just not fair they have not invented a beaming mechanism to travel instantly yet. I’m so looking forward to that invention, I bet you are too.

  7. I think that’s really cool that you opted to stay to help your family. The burden of family matters often falls on those children (and grandchildren) who remain in the same town as their parents. You are a good person to alleviate some of the tasks and emotional pressure your parents and sister would’ve otherwise shared.

  8. It’s wonderful that you were able to spend some extra time with your family! I’m impressed that your aunt was trekking up and down the stairs like that. She must be one healthy lady! I hope she enjoys the less stressful living arrangement :)

    Happy New Year!

  9. It’s awesome that you got to stay for that additional week, and it seems like you had quite a few good reasons as well.

    Happy New Year! Can’t wait to meet you in a few months!!

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