Back from the Islands

You guys, the last two weeks have been stressful, exhausting, and filled-to-the-brim-with-work, but also amazing, overwhelming and absolutely wonderful.

Ok, obviously the “updating my blog”-part of my trip didn’t go so well, hence the lack of posts. I really thought that I would have a little down time in the evening that I could use to catch up on (a prioritized list of) emails/blogs, but not so much. The only down time I had were the 5-6 hours of sleep each night, and that was barely enough to keep me going during our 12+ hour days. Remember, I am usually an office worker and being in the field, actually doing manual labor, is definitely more demanding than just sitting on your butt all day. But it’s also very rewarding.

It truly was a blast to finally be able to see (and touch!) a project site that I’ve been working on for the last three years. We were working on (and checking the stability) of this breakwater, which is protecting a tiny little harbor, which happens to be the lifeline of the island. There only is a very small airport and most goods have to be brought to the island on a barge.

Kaumalapau Harbor

In case you don’t remember,  my main job is to put together and analyze digital 3D models of actual geographic sites.  In most cases, I just receive the data without actually going out into the field to participate in the survey.
This time though, I had jokingly insisted for my boss to take me to Hawaii – I mean, who wouldn’t want to go on a field trip to Hawaii, right? – and then, he actually did! Who thought he’d take me seriously?
I was able to go and help with the survey and while I wouldn’t want to do field work all the time, it definitely was a really great experience!

And Hawaii?

Hawaii is simply amazing! I can’t even find words for how beautiful the islands are (and I haven’t even seen that much of them at all). But who could really complain  if this is the view that you get while working?

My view

It was just incredible to work in this environment, so close to the water and with so many beautiful sights in view.

We didn’t get too much playtime during the week, but we did go swimming one evening and I spent an extra night in Honolulu/Waikiki Beach on my way back. I’ll have to reserve that recap for a separate blog post though, because it was such a fantastic time that I have to share it in detail.

Then last week, I had one day to recover before I was off to another meeting in Phoenix. It was a very productive, very interesting workshop, but by the end of the week, I was just happy to finally go back home to recuperate.
Business travel is exhausting.

I’m still in the process of uploading all my photos, so bear with me. I am also working – but still way behind – on catching up on my Google Reader, email and blogs, but I’ll be doing my best to catch up with all you guys very soon! Things should go back to normal around here for a while now, or so I hope!

  1. I can hardly wait to see the pictures but….they are not available for viewing right now due to permission status on your Flickr page. Let me know when you have it unlocked, and welcome home!
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Anneliese &amp Groceries =-.

  2. Traveling for work really is exhausting, even when you get to travel to beautiful and amazing places. Cannot wait to see your photos (like Maribeth said, they’re not available right now) … and look forward to hearing more about your trip!

  3. i cant wait for the Hawaii entry!! Love you

  4. Yeah, I also couldn’t see the pictures! :( Hope you can get them working because I’d love to see Hawaii stuff.

  5. :( I can’t see the pics either – but I can’t wait to see them! Really looking forward to hearing all about Hawaii!
    .-= Emily Jane´s last blog ..Oh England- my Lionheart Part One of Two =-.

  6. I can’t see the pictures, but it sounds like you had an amazing time! I looove that they took you on a work trip to Hawaii :)

    I bet your models are way more accurate for having been there ;)
    .-= Kyla Roma´s last blog ..Four Simple Goals =-.

  7. I can’t wait to hear more about Hawaii. It sounds amazing!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..School spirit =-.

  8. I can feel your pain. The amount of traveling I did this summer left me taking pity on those poor souls who travel all the time for work. It can be exhausting.
    I can’t wait to see your photos, I’ve never been to Hawaii and it’s always been on my list!
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..I Moved! =-.

  9. Sounds like an amazing adventure! And I know what you mean about work travel – it totally wears you out.
    .-= terra´s last blog ..42 Years =-.

  10. That sounds like the most amazing 24 hours I have ever heard of. Your honeymoon to Hawaii is overdue!

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