Tap, tap… is this thing on?


Hi strangers. I am writing to you from the fog that is having your heart split between two worlds.

I just returned from my long-anticipated trip overseas and it was everything that I hoped for and more. But – as always after each visit – I am emotionally hungover and cranky. Saying goodbye to family and friends is hard. You’d think that this kind of thing gets easier with time, but to the contrary. I feel that it’s, in fact, getting harder every time I visit. As much as I love my life here, those visits always show me quite plainly what I am missing out on. 

I tried to be present during my visit. Hence, the lack of blog posts, and only the occasional Instagram update. I usually take advantage of those trips by pretty much completely unplugging from the Internet. It’s nice to not be tied to your phone all the time. My Feedly Reader had 1000+ unread posts upon my return and I honestly could care less  right now. (But no worries, you know me. I’ll try to catch up on all of your lives!)

I had the best three weeks and I am happy to report that I was able to almost check everything off my Germany bucket list. My time was incredibly dense and packed full of love and friendship, which was so needed to recharge my emotional batteries, but going from 60 back to nil is an adjustment, to say the least.

I hope May has been treating you well so far. I am hoping to be back with some recaps and regular posting soon!

  1. Sooo happy you enjoyed every minute of your visit! Welcome back friend, welcome back!

  2. I can’t imagine living so far from friends and family. I’m sure it is tough to say goodbye each time. I’m really glad that it was a wonderful trip though, and you ticked off almost all of your Germany bucket list.


  3. Welcome back! I can’t imagine how hard it is to be so far away from your family. I can see how it doesn’t get easier and probably gets harder and harder as you get older. I’m glad you had an amazing time and unplugged while you were there so you could make the most of your time and be fully present. I’m trying to do that more these days too so I have been blogging less and I’m not on social media as much as i was before I gave it up for Lent. Sometimes I feel a little disconnected from people but I know it’s for the best so that I am soaking up my time with Paul.

    Good luck breaking out of the post-trip funk/fog.

  4. I always am homesick the worst right after getting back from Germany. So bad that for the first few weeks I will look at job postings and apartments in Germany and I start dreaming about selling everything and just moving back. It sucks living so far away and having to miss all the family get togethers. And seeing your parents grow older. But glad you enjoyed your trip.

  5. Welcome back to the USA! I’m sure it has to be so hard to have your heart in two places. I’m glad you enjoyed your time with your friends and family though and I can’t wait to hear more!

  6. Welcome back! We love you and we missed you!

  7. Hang in there, San! I know how you feel and yes, the older I get, the harder it is for me, too. I hope you feel better soon and can appreciate all the good things about life in CA again soon.

  8. I’m glad to know that you enjoyed your time visiting family, but I know the feeling of the hangover, returning home. Hope you are able to ease back into your routine again and have lots of good memories and pictures to reflect on your trip! <3

  9. Welcome back, friend! I am glad you had such a lovely visit with your family and got to mark off just about everything you wanted to do! That’s the sign of a great time. <3 I hope the adjustment period is going okay. Thinking of you!

  10. So glad you made the most of your time with family and friends and totally understandable that your phone wasn’t a priority.
    Looking forward to your recaps and wishing you an easy enough time to ease back into your daily routine

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