Another little miracle

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One of my dearest friends (in Germany) had a baby today.

Hannah was born on September 22, 2011 at 7:18 a.m. MET.

It was a natural birth and she made her appearance after only 7 ‘short’ hours of labor. I guess, she was finally ready (8 days over her due date) to see the world. Mommy and baby are doing okay and I was so lucky as to already get to see some first pictures. She’s precious. She’s beautiful. She has long, thick dark hair. She looked so content snuggling up to her Mommy. Now that she is here, it is almost hard to imagine that only 26 hours ago she was not yet part of this world.

I am sitting here overflowing with emotions: love, excitement, and pure  joy for my friend and the start of her little family, but also sadness about missing out on yet another milestone in one of the lives of the people I hold close and dear.

Of course, with text messages and emails we’re much more connected these days. Heck, I am sure I am going to have my first Skype date with my friend and little Hannah in the near future, but still: sometimes (more often than I would like to admit) living on a different continent is hard, you guys!

I can’t wait to meet the little nugget ♥ in person.


  1. Hannah – what a lovely name! Welcome to this world and congrats to the parents! :)

  2. Yeah, it’s hard to be that far away when something so special happens to a beloved one…… ;( Luckily there is Skype!
    Congratulation to your friend and welcome Hannah!

  3. how wonderful ! :-) congrats to the happy parents !

  4. i’m glad to hear they got to welcome their little girl finally and that everyone’s doing good. tell them congrats from me, if you get the chance. HDGDL and miss you!

  5. How wonderful! I bet you cannot wait to go home this year. Will you be going at Christmas?

  6. yeah so excited for her!!!! what a lovely post Sannie, you are such a great friend!!! <3

  7. How exciting! Hannah is such a lovely name.

  8. Wonderful!!! Welcome to the world, Hannah! Give Sanni and her little family our love!

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