Things I Love Thursday


I’m loving…

… the beginning of fall. Cooler temperatures. Rain. Colorful leaves. All of it.

… documentaries. J and I have been watching more documentaries lately (about all kinds of different topics) and I enjoy them so much. There is so much to learn!

… new recipes! I’ve been trying a whole lot of new recipes lately and it’s so much fun to mix up our meal planning a bit. We were kind of rotating the same old recipes over and over and it’s nice to step out of the routine that we were stuck in and try something completely new! I’ve been cooking things that I had never touch before (like quinoa and ground turkey!) and it’s amazing what I’ve been missing out on.

… a little bit of mindless TV. I’ve been watching (with awe) “Breaking Amish” on TLC. While I learned in the meantime that much of it is totally staged (who’s really surprised?), it’s highly entertaining. Are you watching?

…  that I started my Christmas list – both my own wish list, as well as a list with gift ideas for other people! Hooray!

… thoughtful friends.

… the little collab blog that I am running with some really awesome ladies and which has been live for about 6 weeks now. So happy to be part of it!

… that it’s time to get my crochet stuff out again.

… my new (programmable!) bathroom space heater. Our apartment has central heat, but no vent in the bathroom. I mean, seriously, who designed this place? My new space heater, however, will make the getting up in the winter that much more bearable, because for me there is nothing worse than a cold bathroom in the morning!

… more time to read again. I’ve missed that.

… two months until Christmas! Woot!


What are you loving right now?

  1. That’s a great list of things to love! I am loving:

    – the kind, encouraging I got from people after I finished my marathon.

    – the books I’ve been checking out on my nook lately! I’m reading one written by a chef I adore right now, and it’s so good!

    – that I get a break from traveling!

    – the fact that I am home this weekend and will get to do some cooking again for a change! I barely cooked when I was traveling as I just plain wasn’t home enough!

    – My electricity bill. It was less than $10… which is a sign of how little I have been home lately.

  2. I’m loving all the time I’m spending reading books that have been on my bookshelf for years. Yay!

  3. I started cooking with ground turkey about a year ago and it’s now one of my favorite go-to options. You can do so much with it and it’s a much healthier alternative to ground beef!

    Here are two of my recent favorite recipes to make with ground turkey:

    Happy Friday!

  4. I want to try ground turkey.

    Christmas is awesome!

  5. seriously bring on the Fall weather, i need so much more if it asap. i’m also loving getting back into reading, writing and Friday Night Lights watching.

  6. I really love documentaries as well! Which ones did you guys see? Any recommendations? :)

  7. I’ve tried without much success to enjoy memoirs and other real-life based books. Documentaries, though, are a different beast and I love them, too.

  8. I’m loving the fact that I’m married! ;)

  9. In the spring I went through a huge documentary watching phase. There’s just so much to learn and I love the view you get from some film makers when watching documentaries.

    Also, this programmable space heater sounds amazing. Why I have not thought that such a thing exists is beyond me, but now I’m a little bit obsessed with the idea…

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