March Favorites


1.) Barbara’s Morning Oat Crunch is my go-to cereal right now when it has to go quick in the morning. I usually try to stay away from packaged cereal these days, but this one is GMO-certified and has a fairly short ingredient list, which makes me feel better about it. Also: it’s yummy!

2.) My friend Susi was wearing this super-cute Target Merona Cardigan for our girl date at the beginning of the month and I asked her if it was ok if I’d get the same one for myself… because I love it. It’s soft and has cropped sleeves and will fit perfectly over any summer tank or tee.

3.) I was picking out some yarn for two new projects that I’ll be working on and I came across the Berroco Ultra Alcapa Fine yarn which is a blend between 50% wool, 20% alpaca (you know, the small llama look-alikes) and 30% nylon. It’s supereasy to work with and it feels great.

4.) One of the samples in my March Birchbox was the Michael Todd Pumpkin Face Mask. I had heard good things about the Michael Todd products before and was very happy I was finally able to try one of them. At first, the pumpkin mask (which smells … wait for it… like pumpkin and which is orange!) tingled a little bit (which I usually don’t enjoy on my face very much), but that went away quickly and I really like how soft and clean my skin felt after the 10 minutes of application. I really want to try some of the other products  asap.

5.) Pentel R.S.V.P. Fine ball point pens are my faaaavorite.

6.) I went to this local supermarket & deli last weekend and I performed a happy dance in the middle of the aisle when I spotted Schaller & Weber Teawurst in the refrigerated section. It’s my favorite meat spread and I was convinced for a very long time that there was no way to get it here in the US as the deli meat variety is really nothing compared to Germany’s, but this was a very pleasant surprise! Majorly overpriced, of course, but the hell with that.

  1. That yarn looks delish – I love good yarn! And that card is super cute! Ball point pens are my fave as well! Have a wonderful week! xxx

  2. Oh man I love that Merona sweater, it looks so cozy!

  3. That cardigan is super cute! I will have to see if my Target carries them. I have so many cardigans but could use one in a springy color!

    That yarn looks beautiful!

  4. I have that cardigan in gray and another one in navy. They are totally comfy and versatile. I have even worn them over long sleeve shirts and just pulled the shirt sleeve out from under the 3/4 cardigan sleeve.

    Love the color of that yarn – hope you’ll share results of what you’re making!

  5. I love the short sleeved cardigan!! Um, you won’t mind if I find it and get it right??

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