Christmas Card Exchange

It is this time of the year again. Christmas is only 36 days away and I wanted to remind everyone that I am doing the Christmas Card Exchange again this year.
Yes, I am sending out real paper Christmas Cards by snail mail.

I am not kidding.

A couple of us online-friends started this little “tradition” I think two years ago and I want to keep it going, because it’s a nice little gesture to show you care for each other.
Internet is great and all, but you know, once a year it’s actually nice to get something “tangible” with personal handwriting on it in your mailbox!

Or do you totally disagree? Do you think that snail mail Christmas Cards are a waste of paper and postage?
I actually heard on the radio the other day that one of the areas where you could save money this Christmas is not sending out Christmas Cards. Send out E-cards/Emails instead and you can save the money on paper cards and postage.
While this is, of course, true, I totally oppose this idea. Christmas is the one time during the year where sending a card is a “necessity” for me (although I do like to send cards on other occassions as well. I even send cards for no reason whatsoever other than to bring a smile to somebody else’s face.)

Sooo, that means, if you want to participate, just send me your (current) address through the contact form on this blog or by email (sanATtheinbetweenismineDOTcom).

It’s totally not required to send me a card back, although I wouldn’t mind getting one – of course :)

  1. Ooooh, I’d love to get one. I must admit I stopped sending out Christmas cards a while ago because postage is just so damn expensive here. :(

  2. Count me in…I promise to send one back! You should have my current address (on the bottom of my last email), if not let me know.

  3. Wonderful idea – I love real, paper cards! Mind if I steal this idea on my own blog?????

    You have an email from me w/my address. :)

  4. You are already on my list, cards are ready to sent. But I think it is a little bit to early ;) I will wait two more weeks

  5. Would love to get one again!! And I promise to send one back.
    I am sending paper Christmas cards too every year. The last years not to that many people, but I am still sending them.
    And I LOVE getting REAL letters. Emails are nice, but letters are great!!!

  6. i probably won’t do the christmas card exchange this year. but of course that doesn’t mean that i won’t send out cards to special people ;)

  7. i love to get a real card or a real postcard instead of a textmessage or an ecard. but i guess the saving of money and paper also makes sense in some ways. this year i am just too short on time to be able to send out real xmas cards. :-( i just have no idea when to do it. but the idea of doing it is nice and i always enjoyed writing xmas or postcards.

  8. hi love, i normally have one printed and send that one out, which is not sooooo special, but anyway, haha. :) i wont send them out this christmas though, i want to wait until the wedding and then send a “happy 2009” card in january with a motive from the wedding. think you can wait for a card til january? :) love ya

  9. Sending paper cards is absolutely a necessity. The fact the NO ONE does it anymore, is why it should be done! I whole-heartedly agree with you and personally take pride in choosing lovely cards! Happy Mailing!!

  10. I don’t remember if I emailed you about this or not. Insane couple of weeks! But I’d love to be in!
    .-= Emily Jane blogged this: BIG NEWS- Someone has stolen the real Emily Apparently- I’m in GLEE… =-.

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