A party

It’ almost weekend again – YAY! This week really flew by somehow. I like that! Tuesday night we were invited to a party – only College students on Spring Break can come up with that. A party in the middle of the week. Does anyone think about us working people?

Anyways, we decided to go since we don’t have too many opportunities to go to parties and it really was fun. The hosts, Julian and Judith, celebrated their birthday and it was another guy’s farewell party as well. It turned out that Julian and Judith, a couple, both have their birthday on March, 10 and when I told them that this is my birthday, too, we were all like surprised . What a funny coincidence!
There were a lot of international students (why am I not surprised) and we really had a good time. Tatjana was there, too (I hadn’t seen here in months!) and it was really great to talk to her again. I also talked to a guy from Mexico called “Jesus” (how can parents name their son “Jesus”?) and another guy, Rodrigo, from Guatemala. Of course, there were a bunch of German people and I actually met some from near my town in Germany. What a small world! The funniest thing again was that nobody didn’t want to believe that I am 29 *lol* it’s so funny to see their baffled faces when they find out that I am not a student anymore.
Silke was there as well – it was her last night. She flew home Wednesday. I was kind of surprised, because she was like superfriendly and before we left she actually thanked me and J again for letting her stay with us last August when she came to Davis and she got us a gift certificate for the Austrian Bakery in Davis. I was really surprised, because I didn’t expect such a nice gesture.

We had a great time and actually ended up staying until 2 a.m – what was I thinking? I had to work the next day!

Well, it was worth it, even though I was kind of tired on Wednesday and took a 2 hour-nap when I came home

We didn’t do much that night-we had a really German dinner (bread, cheese and cold cuts, pickles and tomatoes) and then watched some basketball and SATC

Yesterday I had plenty of work – did I mention that I am the new trainer for the software that I am using right now? I had another guy come in and do some training. Jim, Gerald and I went out for lunch (guess what – Mexican Food!!!) and Gerald really complimented my work. I was flattered :)

The good news: J and I booked flights to Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) We’re going there for a week at the end of April! I am soooo excited! I haven’t been there in almost 4,5 years and I just can’t wait to be back! I love that city- plus, we’re probably going to see a Redsox Game at Fenway Park. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do that! So that ‘s going to be an awesome week!

Enough of good news for today??
One more thing- spring is back. It had been raining the last couple of days, but it looks like it’s going to be a nice weekend! Have a good one!!!

  1. Jesus is a really common first name in Spanish-speaking countries. :) (Now I wouldn’t name my kid that either, but they’re different about it.And yeah you don’t look or act 29 at all! :D

  2. JAY to the booked vacation. you really deserve it ;-) and — you’re very welcome and actually, i’d love a copy (of the gift ;-D ). HDL {v}

  3. lol ok so I guess this is the post about Boston lol gosh I am a goof lol its that damn timezone thing I blame it on lol…. Wow 2am party AND you went to work the next day…. geez I get up o go to work at 5-5.30am lol but ya had an awesome time and thats the important thing :)
    I’m?proud of ya that you are getting compliments on your good work :-)
    Miss ya

  4. @ cath: thanks sweetie! {v}

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