My love for IKEA

I am skipping the whole Valentine’s day lovey-dovey stuff today and talk about some other things (besides my husband) that I love. Oh, but just in case you were wondering: thanks for stopping by today – I love  and appreaciate you, too!


1. LYCKOAX Duvet Covers $.39.99
2. BÄRBAR tray $4.99
3. TILLBAKA mug $2.99
4. FANTASTISK paper napkins $1.99
5. RENATE shade $13.00
6. SLOM jar with lid $3.99
7. SKOJA glass $1.49
8. FÄRGRIK VÄLDIG bowl $3.99

If you know me a little bit than you might know that I am slightly obsessed with IKEA. I honestly don’t know if I should be thankful or upset that we have an IKEA 15 minutes from where I live. Thankful, because I can go there whenever I want and upset, because it’s really doesn’t make the addiction any easier.

Seriously, I could go to IKEA every weekend. I love walking through the show rooms, I love the inspiration and I love picking out odds and ends. I can always find something that I definitely do not need when I go :)

I browse the IKEA website (or catalog) like other people browse Etsy or Pinterest (ok, I browse those two sites, too. Occasionally. Ok, more often than that.)

I know opinions are divided about the store. I have friends who love it as much as I do and others who hate going there. I, for once, love the idea of taking home a few packages and then assembling my own furniture. I usually won’t even let J help me (who is more than happy to let me “do my thing”). Most of our apartment is furnished by IKEA (we were poor students when we started out) and I still love it.

IKEA items are affordable, timeless and mostly durable. (Granted, moving a few times takes its toll on Ikea furniture, but that’s also somewhat to be expected, don’t you think?)
I love how you can put together a very individual style for your apartment. You can chose to buy from one series or mix and match and it will still look awesome. You can also just buy single pieces to compliment your other furniture. You can easily furnish a whole house or the smallest apartment in the history of small spaces. You can definitely find something that will fit your needs. I just think IKEA has some fantastic designers at work.

Anyway, I just thought it would be fun to share some of the pretty things that I’ve been finding at Ikea lately (some of which I have already snatched up). As you can see, I am currently in love with the color purple.


Tell me – are you an IKEA lover or hater?
Or are you one of the rare species that is indifferent to the store?

[Disclaimer: I have not been endorsed or compensated by IKEA or anyone else to write this post.]
  1. I love IKEA and I even got my husband addicted who used to hate it when we started dating. I can proudly say I am (wo)man enough to assemble the furniture myself if I have to, even though hubby usually does it. I love strolling through IKEA (without kids though) and I love the Kottbullar and the Cinnamon rolls (do they have them in the US?) and the free coffee. And I never leave without buying something, mostly candles :) And we even designed/build our own TV- Rack with IKEA-Furniture :)

  2. I love Ikea! Every item of furniture in our house that isn’t a hand-me-down is from Ikea – well, except our bedroom set. And Topher’s crib. But everything else? IKEA! Nathan hates going so we usually only go once or twice/year – I make it worthwhile, though :)

  3. I’m quite jealous that Ikea is so close to you! There is only one store in the entire state of Michigan, and it’s about 45-50 minutes away from us. That’s probably a good thing, though, because I’d spend WAY too much money if it were closer!

  4. I think IKEA is OK. I am usually pleasantly surprised by the quality of some of their furniture pieces, though I’d never buy other furniture pieces, because I don’t think they will last. I think they’ve come a long way with style and offering multiple finish options to their wood furniture (instead of only the blond wood). IKEA is about an hour from where I live, so I’ve only gone there a few times … but, if it were more conveniently located, allowing me to visit during non-peak hours, then I’d probably go more often.

  5. LOVE it! Always have and always will! Great finds and wonderful color!
    Oh, and, Happy Valentine’s anyway! hehe xxx

  6. I have actually never been in an IKEA nor have I really looked into their products. Since I still live at home, I haven’t had a need for home decor. I’m sure that will change once I finally move out – I really like some of the items on your love list!

  7. I really like IKEA! It’s one of the few BIG stores like that that doesn’t give me panic attacks.. Costco? Panic attack EVERY TIME. Or I get on the verge of one… but I think beacuse IKEA is set up into so many different rooms and stuff, I’m okay. Plus I try to not go on the weekend, haha.

    I LOVE THOSE BOWLS. So much I had to write in caps lock… ;) hahaha.

  8. I’m an Ikea lover through window-shopping online! Sadly, we don’t have an Ikea near us, I would LOVE to go to one!

  9. I adore IKEA. Most of our furniture is from there, but it’s the small items that I love the most. My favorite section in the store is the vases, candle holders, plant pots, etc. section. And the kitchen section!

    Our IKEA is about 40 minutes away. We don’t own a car, though, so we only go every 4 or 5 months. And we always eat the Swedish meatballs in the cafeteria :-)

  10. OMG I hate Ikea. It’s like my own personal hell. When I do have to go, I try to go as late in the day on a week night as possible so that I avoid the crowds. I just hate how you have to walk through the ENTIRE STORE. And then the assemble. Ahh. I bought a couch and a dining room table there last fall and about died putting them together (from frustration).

    But I do think they are a great, affordable option for home furnishings and such. I just don’t like to go there. AT ALL!!

  11. Love IKEA most of the time! Almost our entire apartment is furnished from there too. I’ve started trying to buy furniture items that are made of real wood. They tend to be a little bit more expensive than some of their stuff, but I figure it might last a little bit longer. But yeah, I can always find something I “need” when I’m there. :)

  12. Definitely an IKEA lover…although I replaced some IKEA furniture with vintage pieces I redid. But I also replaced expensive designer furniture with much cheaper IKEA things and I love them! It’s much easier to replace an IKEA item after a few years than an expensive designer bed…plus I also think most of the IKEA stuff is much better than what you get at a furniture store in the same price range (which is usually pretty crappy). Do you know Poco-Domäne? This is a furniture store I hate with passion!!!

  13. I LOVE Ikea, and I love all of the items you’ve showcased in this post!

  14. Not only do I love IKEA, that lavender/purple is one of my fave colors! So pretty :)

  15. I love IKEA!
    “My” IKEA is only a two minutes away from my office. So I guess you can imagine where I love to spend time (and money) after work. I go there at least twice a month.

  16. I’m a total IKEA lover. It’s the best. We live almost two hours from one, but we still manage to sneak up there a few times a year. It’s just so much fun.

    And I’m like you on putting things together – I don’t let Andrew help. It’s all me with the furniture building, and I like it that way.

  17. LOVE Ikea! =)
    Alesha <3

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