Fun times

Hey there… it’s me again.

God, where did the week go? Sometimes time really flies. Not much happend though… I am still waiting for the verification of my visa status, thus I still didn’t get my money and I am getting more pissed every day but what can I do?

J is done with his finals, which is good, because he had been in a really bad and tense mood lately. I know exactly how he felt… since I was feeling the same way during my finals. He had woken up with an upset stomach every morning.

The weekend was pretty relaxed. Oh yeah, did I tell you I got friday off because of Ronald Reagan’s death? I was like *What the hell?* I didn’t tell J though, which was pretty funny. When the alarm went off Friday morning, I told J that I decided to stay home that day. He was all worried and asked me if I felt sick. When I told him that we got the day off as a “National Mourning Day” for Ronald Reagan, he was sighing and said “You must be kidding me”. Oh well, only in America…

Saturday I went to Walnut Creek to meet with Susi. Tatjana came over from Dublin, too, and we had a nice day in town. We talked, and starbuck-ed, and talked, and walked around, and talked, and went to the “Build-a-bear” Shop… and talked girls’ stuff.

Later we met with Susi’s friend Satsuki, another aupair, and went out for Thai food. Delicious ;)

Sunday was pretty boring… didn’t do much, because the heat is killing me. It’s really getting summer and we have temperatures around 95°F (about 32°C)… and it’s getting hotter.

I was surprised to be able to get myself to go running with Tatjana…. oh well… but then I used our pool for the first time since I’ve been here and it was sooo refreshing :)

I wanna go to Venice Beach again!!

  1. Oh you went to the Build-a-bear store! How cool! I’ve always wanted to go there and build one but oh well. Will do that in Charlotte maybe. I don’t feel like taking another teddy bear home with me.

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