Oh, how Pinteresting!


It’s Wednesday and you know what that means, it’s time to pin!



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I used to be able to do this at one point. Should try this again.


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Love smart storage ideas!


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Have you tried those pins? They really work!


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Neat DIY idea.


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Happy Wednesday and happy pinning!



  1. 1. you used to be able to do that???? you are so my hero.

    2. our camper (that we’re currently living in)has pull out drawers like that and I love them!

  2. I love spin pins! I’m headed to the States on Friday and I think I’m going to have to pick up some more! :) (Haven’t seen them for sale in Canada! Weird.)

    Also, I just “liked” those wrapped candles from you on Pinterest! Haha. Love it.

  3. Great pins! Those candles are so pretty!

    And I totally had the hair pins but lost them :( They work really well!

  4. Such great storage ideas. I have the spin pins and I love them! I use them all the time. All. The. Time.

    i need to make a note of that DIY candle thing.

  5. I used to be able to do handstands too! And the splits … and all sorts of other athletic things. Now I’m basically an out of shape lump …

  6. Love the kitchen in the storage picture!!!

    And haven’t seen these chlips over here,… Have to keep my eyes open.

  7. The storage space in the picture with the nook is fantastic! I’m all about smart storage space. I live in a house where our storage space is very creative and it just leaves you more space to enjoy your house.

  8. I used to be able to do that too! I tried last summer though and my back was thrown for days, lol… #oldperson

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