On sweet, heart-shaped rewards

I ran my usual errands on Friday and then I pretty much stayed in for the rest of the weekend and took care of some important paperwork. I really had been procrastinating and finally sat myself down and got it done (or almost done).

I spent all Saturday in front of the computer with just minimal distraction from Twitter and the TV (movie marathon! I think I watched “The Proposal” 2,5x and “Knocked up” 3x total. Don’t judge!)

Yesterday I rewarded myself with some homemade German (heart-shaped) waffles. I bought the heart-shaped waffle iron before Christmas because it’s somewhat of a family tradition to make waffles (with hot cherries and whipped cream) some time before the holidays. Then, I never got around to making some before I left for Germany. Since I missed out on the German Christmas Markets as well, I didn’t even get to eat some waffles there.

But today, TODAY was the day!


German waffles are generally thinner than American waffles and don’t use any baking  powder. There are a little denser and sweeter than the American counterpart.





Heart-shaped Waffles


I didn’t go through the trouble to heat up cherries and make whipped cream today. Instead, I made a fresh pot of coffee and had the waffles plain with some powdered sugar on top. They were delicious!!

Did you treat yourself to something special this weekend?

Happy Monday!

  1. Those look delicious! And also remind me of a clover – you could almost make green whipped cream and serve them on St. Patrick’s Day!

  2. hmmm, those look yummi. i got treated to some lecker cake at my sister’s on saturday (and sunday bc she gave me some to take home ;)) oh, and friday was an entire pampering-day for me. loved it.

  3. Yum! Those waffles look great. Aaron and I watched Knocked Up this weekend too. That movie never gets old!

  4. I sat down and watched “Valentine’s Day” in my robe and slippers while I sipped coffee, and then Hubby came home and we went out and saw “The King’s Speech”, which was totally awesome!

  5. Oh man! Those look so delicious. It is early morning and you are making me crave some waffles now! There is something absolutely delightful about cooking a homemade breakfast. I just love to cook pancakes or french toast and eat them with coffee on a lazy weekend morning! The best! <3

  6. Mmh…lecker!
    They look delicious! Heart shaped waffles with cherries and whipped cream!
    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    Hugs xxx

  7. Yumm – now I have to make some waffles soon too ;)

  8. Those are so cute! Throw some green food coloring in there and you’ve got 4 leaf clover waffles for St. Patrick’s Day.

  9. Wow, those are beyond cute! You could also use them for St. Patty’s day that is coming up as they almost look like shamrocks too. YUM :)

  10. Mmm those look amazing. I love knowing the little differences in American vs. German food. No baking powder good to know :) I gotta get me a waffle iron like that!

    Oh and I love Knocked Up lol

  11. They look delicious! I would love the German recipe for waffles, although I still need to get myself a waffle iron, among other many kitchen utensils I need ;)

  12. What a wonnnnnderful treat! I want some. <3

  13. Mmmm those look amazing! I need a waffle press

  14. Oh I love the heart shaped form! I only got a normal shaped one. I make cinnamon waffles all the time. YUM! Oh now I am hungry for waffles. Dont do that to your pregnant friends. Haha. HDL

  15. Could you send me the recipe for the waffle dough? Thanks. :-)
    They look sooo yummy!!!

  16. Oh those are so cute! I love the hearts! So lovely!

  17. YES. So German, so delicious.
    Haven’t had these in forever, and now, of course, I NEED to have some.
    Nom nom nom. :)

  18. oh, you are evil…it’s almost 11 pm and now I am craving waffles with cherries and whipped cream, plus a nice Latte to sip… ;) Guess that’s what we are having tomorrow when the kids come home from kindergarten (or I’ll make them in the morning and see if there are still any left for the kids later) :)

  19. Ooh, those look tasty — and so cute! :-)

  20. Ooh, the waffles look yummie! I can almost smell fresh waffles. :-)

  21. Oh my goodness, those waffles look amazing. Really, really amazing.

  22. My grandma used to make them all the time! How did you manage to find a heart-shaped waffle iron here?

  23. Ahh I can’t watch movies over again! Or at least not until a few years have passed. Haha. And Keith is SO different that way, if he likes a movie he can watch it a million times. Not me!

    Mind if I come over for some waffles? YUM! When I’m in Germany (EEE!! I don’t know exactly when/how long/where we are going yet, but once I find out I will tell you/ask you a million questions!!) I MUST try some!!

  24. Mmmm I love waffles. I should consider buying a waffle iron. Though I am sure that would be a bad idea in terms of dieting. ;)

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