Bill Maher

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We had tickets to Bill Maher on Friday night.

Holy goodness.

It’s been one of the best comedy shows I’ve ever been to.

To my absolute delight, we found out that we had seats in the 5th row from the stage. (I wasn’t even aware that I had purchased such good seats until we got to the venue.) Comedy is much better, the closer you sit to the stage. Obviously. And we weren’t disappointed.

There was no warm up act that was followed by a lukewarm, lackadaisical 45 minute-show. Not that I expected that from someone like Bill Maher anyway, because I think he’s serious about everything he does. But from the very moment that he walked on stage, he owned the place and he had fun doing so. For over 1,5 hours he skewered the GOP candidates, the Tea Party, religious fanaticism and underlined the importance of equal rights and integrity.

I think Bill Maher is one of the most articulate, provocative political comedians of our time. Admittedly, sometimes he’s really pushing it and your eyes widen and your jar drops and you think to yourself “I can’t believe he actually said that”,  but that’s his signature, that’s what he is all about. He wants to provoke, he wants to offend, because he’s not willing to let people get away with shit.

I am a big fan of his show “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO. He always has a slue of interesting guests – both from the political right and left, as well as actors, activists and other comedians – and is not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions. He tends to take everything with a grain of salt, but also doesn’t hesitate to call people on their BS.

I know, opinions are divided about him. It’s either you love him or you hate him. He doesn’t leave much room for indecision.

BUT: If you do like him (and I hope you do!) and if he’s doing a show anywhere near you, do yourself a favor and go see him. It’s absolutely worth it.

And if you don’t like him, I leave you with a somewhat provocative statement from one of the commentators on the Sacramento Press website, who stated correctly:

The dismissiveness and dislike of Maher shows louder than words that he’s striking a nerve – and he is doing so because, uh, he’s right.



  1. Oh I love Bill Maher! I’m so jealous you got to see him live.

  2. I think it’s easier to just decide you don’t like someone you disagree rather than sit and listen to their POV and get offended. ha. I actually like listening to political thinkers. Even if I don’t agree with them. What I can’t stand is when you go to a show not expecting political opinion and that’s what you get… I’m rambling… but yeah, all that to say, I’m glad you liked the show and I don’t hate Bill Maher. :)

  3. I am also a big fan of Bill Maher :)



  4. Love him. I know you’ve seen Religulous if you like him! One of my favorite movies. So jealous!

  5. LOVE Bill Maher! And I’m so jealous that you saw his show! I didn’t even know he was touring. Glad you had such a great time! :)

  6. I’ve never seen him live, but like his TV show. He does make you think “did he just say that?!”


    I even had to write it in all caps. I literally have goosebumps. I’ve always thought this, “If someone likes and really GETS Bill Maher, then we would be amazing friends!” So that pretty much says everything it needs to :)

    I love everything about his in your face irreverence to the political juggernaut. I love that he pushes buttons & makes people uncomfortable. I love that “he’s not willing to let people get away with shit”! I’ve long been a fan and will definitely catch his live comedy act.

  8. I am so jealous! He’s been one of my favorites for a very long time and I love that he’s totally okay giving people absolute hell when they make up crazy shit. He’s awesome and I’m glad that he’s become such a loud voice in fighting political and religious hanky panky.

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