Field Trip

Every once in a while, it’s nice to get out of the office.
Today was one of those days.

I was sent up to Lake Tahoe again to take some equipment to our Field Office. Actually, not to our Field Office, but into the field :)
I met one of my colleagues somewhere on the way to Tahoe, where he was scanning a meadow.

our scanner
Tripod Lidar instrument

I hiked some of the gear up there with him (sounds more strenuous than it actually was ;)) and then we were standing in this beautiful mountain meadow opening.

I am glad I didn’t come a couple of hours earlier, because my colleague had spotted a bear in the morning. He was wandering through those trees only a few tenth of meters away and up into the woods.


As cool as that may sound, I am kind of glad I didn’t get to see him. Animals in the wild make me somewhat uncomfortable, even though they’re probably more afraid of us humans than we’re of them.

There were beautiful wild flowers everywhere, and my colleague showed me some wild onions… who would have thought?! :) They actually tasted pretty good!

Wild Onion
wild onion

wild onions

Unfortunately, it was a little cloudy, so excuse the suboptimal lighting in these pictures. I couldn’t wait around for the sun to come out.

Yeah, so overall, I had a pretty good day… not sitting in front of the computer, but driving up into the Sierra (and back) for about 5 hours (and listening to music) and wandering around on a meadow for about an hour  taking pictures :) Nice deal, don’t you think? :)

P.S. Whenever I drive up into the Sierra, I get this nostalgic feeling, because it reminds me of all the times when we went on our family skiing trips and when we were driving up into the Alps. I guess, it the same kind of thing – after all, I drove up to an elevation of about 7300 ft (2225m) today (and it rained up there, too!).

  1. Nice photos. Sorry about the rain, but as the saying goes, “Into every life a little rain must fall”.
    Have a great day!

  2. Sounds like a great word-day!!
    I would so love to have opportunities like that at some days.
    Amazing pictures, it is very beautiful there.

  3. WORK-day of course,…

  4. hey gorgeous pictures and i can only imagine how much of a change that was compared to sitting at a desk all day. that bear story reminded me of a walk in the woods with m. while walking probably 5km into the woods he was like: ah , once i was riding here with friends and all of a sudden mama bear and baby bear strolled around our trail. and i was like? wtf there are bears here? and he was like: of course we also have snakes here. ok, i wanna go to the car. NOW!!! lol

  5. that’s a nice break from work!

  6. Totally jealous!! This looks like a great place to be…my work never sends me out into the wild.

    Great pictures!

  7. That would the type of work I’d like to do. But I guess we will all end up behind desks more or less. ;) Nice pictures!

  8. awww…I’m glad you got to get away from the desk. That’s always a nice repreive!

    No wonder you love Sci-Fi…you’re a total Science person…I’m assuming?? And, I’m so jealous of your nice camera and picture taking skills that you can post your OWN pics and not steal them like I do..hehehe!

  9. Getting out into the field is what it’s all about. Looks like a beautiful place to spend a day!

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