7 things


Inspired by a post on Nora’s blog and since I am in a little bit of a time crunch this week with my family visiting and almost being off on vacation, I thought I’d share some random things with you today…


· Joe McIntyre (again)
· Sandra Bullock
· Elvis Presley
· Eddie Vedder
· Loriot
· Ryan Reynolds
· my (maternal) Grandma


· Australia
· Norway
· Canada
· Boston (again and again)
· Scotland
· Italy
· New Zealand


· sew my own skirts
· upholster a chair
· build a sideboard
· knit a cardigan
· jam from scratch
· paint a picture
· write a book


· a cat
· a Mercedes station wagon
· a craft room
· a pair of comfortable heels that I can walk in for hours
· a bike
· a sewing machine
· a cottage by the ocean


· bad drivers that don’t go by the traffic rules
· inconsiderate people
· mosquito bites
· bad hair days
· when people don’t put any effort into their relationships
· slow computers
· ignorance


· The Proposal
· Reality Bites
· Jerry McGuire
· Before Sunrise
· The Holiday
· The Saint
· The Big Lebowski


· a fresh cup of café au lait
· a letter in my mailbox
· stationary
· nice handwriting
· crafting
· an evening walk in the park
· my niece and nephew


· Let go – FrouFrou
· Here without you – Three Doors Down
· You and Me – Lifehouse
· I am mine – Pearl Jam
· Yes! – Chad Brock
· See me through – Rascal Flatts
· Not Crazy Unwell – Matchbox20


· hedgehog
· crumpet
· awkward
· crumble
· frizz
· paw
· basically
· hunch

Feel free to steal the idea and play along!

  1. I’ve always wanted to learn how to upholster!

  2. Love this post! Will definitely do one of my own in the next couple days! :)
    Also, I 100% agree on Sandra Bullock, letters, ignorance, and Lifehouse & Pearl Jam & Matchbox20. Hehe.

  3. Aw, San! I love this. I definitely might have to steal this idea from you in the future. Sooo cute. I especially love your “7 Things That Delight” list. :D

  4. “a mercedes stationwagon”? How did you come up with that? Who would have thought. You really need to meet Doris… :-)

  5. I LOVE this! I will so copy this once I am back to normal life!
    Hope your week was uh-mazing! How long are your parents gonna stay?
    Hugs xxx

  6. I tried knitting a cardigan but gave up on it halfway. Haha!

    I never thought of ‘paw’ being a funny word but now that I come to think of it, it really is.

  7. Can I go to all those 7 places with you!?! :) I’m Norwegian & Swedish and I’d love to go to Norway and see where my family came from.

  8. Ah, no. I love that idea, so neat. Gonna do that asap, too. :)
    I totally feel you when it comes to the 7 things that annoy you. Slow computers – argh!
    And meeting Ryan Reynolds. Goodness, I guess I would faint. Hihi. He’s so handsome.

    Enjoy the family time, friend.
    Lots of love. XO.

  9. That point with making jam from scratch is so easy. You should give it a try :)!

  10. I love your list of places you’d like to visit and I agree on all counts. Norway and New Zealand especially seem like far away places I’ve got to get to at some point in my life.

  11. This is so much fun! I may borrow it later this week. Hope you’re having fun with your family!

  12. Hmmm….I would try this on my blog. Looks fun!

  13. I love your list of 7’s. I am so with you on the mosquito bites. I hate mosquitoes. I especially hate them when they bug me at night and I can hear them buzzing around my ear, then I hide under the covers hoping I had escaped from the mosquitoes only to find myself with tons of mosquito bites the next day. Lol

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