I hope you guys had a great Father’s Day/Ascension Day on Thursday. I am wondering why -in a country where you have so many Catholics- we didn’t have a holiday here as well. Compared to Germany we don’t have many holidays at all, so that’s one more reason for moving back there eventually :) May is always a pretty good month as there are many religious holidays.
Thursday was Father’s Day… but apparently not only fathers, but everyone finds a reason to party that day :) I remember that my softball team always organized “BBQ Day” on our softball field – with a slow pitch tournament and lots of foods and drinks.

Friday I asked Gerald about the visa stuff.. yeah, I finally dared to ask *lol* and his response was “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that, too” (wow, I am impressed :)) but of course he couldn’t tell me what was going on, so he tried to call Karen, the lady from the administrative office who’s obviously in charge of the whole process (which doesn’t really make me cheerful as she hasn’t been really helpful in the past :( ) Since it was Friday around lunch time, he didn’t reach her… and of course, Gerald is out of the office the whole coming week, which means I might not even get an answer before next week. Just terrific  :( it’s not like I have to book a flight or something!

Saturday Jon and I went to IKEA :) The nearest store is in Oakland which is about an hour away… well, an hour when there is no traffic… but Highway 80 has become pretty bad. We had thought about what time would be a good time to leave, but apparently there’s no “good time”. It’s always packed and it took us over two hours to get there :(
Once we were in the IKEA store, I had already forgotten about the traffic… it was awesome. I love IKEA! I am on a mission by the way… I am trying to teach the Americans the proper way of pronouncing that company’s name… it’s not IKEA [ei-kia], but [ikea] – just the way it’s spelled :)

I was curious if it would be the same set up as in Europe and it is! We spent about two hours there and got quite a few nice things… we got some new stuff for our kitchen (as we used to have a motley bunch of plates, cups and silverware), as well as a new desk for our computer (the old one was falling apart) and a nice chest of drawers for all my stationery stuff :)
Afterwards we went to the “Food Court” – a place where you can get all kinds of different foods and I had Thai food for dinner :)
Back home I started putting the furniture together… I love doing that! It’s so much fun!

Today we arranged the furniture, cleaned up the whole apartment and after 4 hours our Spring-cleaning was done :)

I know it still looks kind of “empty” and our furniture doesn’t really match, but we are slowly improving our living environment and every time we buy a new piece, it feels more like “our home” :)

By the way, I made my delicious salmon recipe for dinner… if anyone is interested!

@Cathy and Sanni, I think I sent this one to you before ;)
@ Ilka: Big hug! I know you’re having a tough time :(
@ Kim: How was the wedding?
@ Ute: Everything’s going to be fine ;)

  1. I love your new home, it has become much more comfortable since the last time you´ve sent me some photos. Until I´ll visit you it´s so nice I won´t leave again :-D
    I like esp the look of your living room…and it´s always nice to know from where you are writing your diaries and stuff :-) And your kitchen – it´s that big I like it a lot :-)
    {v} ya tons

  2. i agree, i like your apartment. it’s getting pretty “homey” and i wish i had a place like that to share with C.. the wedding was great – pics are coming (hopefully today) and i hope your back is better.

  3. hey cutie,
    i still feel horrible and i try to move on but i have the feeling that the shit won’t stop. every single day there is happenig any horrible shit on top. when does it finally getting better. i am probably a person who doesn’t deserve a normal life. good that i found out by test yesterday, that i am 65% normal. so that’s probably 35% not enough. i hate my life at the moment. really. yes, i know i am sounding very depressed but there is nothing positive happening at the moment to think more positive. damn. but i was happy to see your appartment finally. i realized that you haven’t sent me any of these since you have moved. but now i see how you both live which is cool. when Eikia *lol* opens in siegen in 1,5 weeks (yay–>at least one positiv e thing is happening here) i will end up to decorate my new painted appartment and then i will let you know.
    thank you for being there for me. love you tonz

  4. Hallo süße,
    ja ja so Feiertage sind doch was feines :-)
    Oh man ich liebe Ikea auch!!! Dort könnte ich mich stundenlang aufhalten (ähm..nunja..tu ich ja auch ;-) ) Da wird man immer fündig, was?! ;-)
    Oh ja Frühjahrsputz würde meinem Zimmer auch mal gut tun. Echt süßes Apartment habt ihr da *neidisch*

  5. I don’t know how much the shipping will be, but I am shipping my books in an MBAG which costs about a dollar a pound, and the other stuff in a parcel by sea. It gets cheaper by the pound the more you ship and the limit is 70 pounds (that costs about 75 dollars I think).I got the concert from someone who recorded it in Cleveland on Saturday, you can find more about it here: https://www.lifehousefans.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=newsI am looking forward to München, and once I’m settled there I’ll be fine I think, but this transition phase sucks.

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