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My blog friend Stephany posted her confessions the other day and it was such a fun, interesting read that I thought I’d hop on the bandwagon and share my own list of confessions. Are we good with that? Maybe it will make you want to share some of your own as well.

1) I am 100% a solo runner, which doesn’t mean I don’t love running with other people. Contradictory? Maybe, but not really. I know how other people always rave about running groups or running with a workout buddy, but I prefer to be in my own head when I run and do my own thing most of the time. I don’t want to talk and I don’t want to adjust to someone else’s pace. When I am in the zone, I just want to keep plugging away. I will happily make exceptions though when I get the chance to run with a friend.

2) I’ve never gotten my earlobes pierced (only my right auricle when I was 22). Sometimes I have earring-envy.

3) I don’t take baths. Ever. Well, maybe not ever, but it’s a very, very rare occurrence. It might have to do with the fact that I don’t have a fancy bathtub (which would probably change my mind a little), but it mostly has to do with the fact that I don’t enjoy sitting in hot water, waiting for my skin to shrivel up, while I could be doing other, more important things. I am usually a quick in-and-out-of-the-shower-kinda gal.  

4) If there is one thing I haven’t gotten tired of during the pandemic, it’s cooking and baking. I love preparing meals, trying new recipes, and knowing EXACTLY what goes in the pot. Going out to eat is fun, of course, but half of the time, we don’t know what we’re putting in our bodies.

5) I have yet to find an American pickle that meets my standards. The only kind I’ll eat is cornichons. I don’t know why the regular pickles are so different from German pickles, but if you tried a German pickle, you won’t go back. (Make sure they come out of the fridge, for some extra crunch!).

6) I do NOT believe that everything happens for a reason. There, I said it. I know, this phrase is happily applied to all kind of life situations and maybe sometimes it helps to think that way, especially if we can retrospectively talk ourselves into believing that something bad had to happen, so something better could come along, but I can truly not see any reason for horrible, debilitating illnesses and trauma that so many people experience.

7) I really like the idea of winding down with a glass of wine, but it always ends up being a cup of tea for me.

8) I love coffee shops, but I rarely go to one. We have had this new coffee shop literally around the corner from my house that opened before the pandemic hit and I’ve been there exactly once. I keep thinking of stopping by there after my Saturday morning run, but then I end up just going home and making my own coffee.

9) I got into a chat with the check-out clerk at Trader Joe’s last week and we talked about pandemic shopping habits. She asked if I was going to stick with the bi-weekly grocery run and I didn’t hesitate to reply with a resounding YES. (I am pretty convinced that I will, but I am reserving the right to change my mind.)

10) I am more of a judgmental person than I care to admit. I usually don’t share these opinions (or only with selected people), but four years of Trump and the pandemic have definitely uncovered that people (including me) can get pretty judgmental of each other in stressful situations. But then maybe, it’s human nature to be a little bit judgmental. What do you think? 

Which confession surprised you the most?

  1. I believe everybody is judgmental, it’s just human nature. However, we all need to be more aware that words and sights can be pretty devastating on the receiving end….

    I bet you’ll stick with your bi-weekly grocery shopping habits, whenever this madness comes to an end.

    I don’t blame you for preferring to run alone. Years ago I tried to run with the hubby but he was way faster and my breathing got so out of control. It wasn’t fun. So I get that the other way around must be difficult as well.
    Thanks for making an exception for me :)

    You are so right with your thoughts. I keep saying I believe everything happens for a reason but it’s true…. all the bad things going on in this world… there can’t be any reason for that…

    1. Yeah, you’re probably right… being judgy is a bit of human nature. ;)

      I’d make exceptions for you ANYTIME. I love running with you, friend!

  2. Have you tried the German Dill pickles at TJ?

    1. No. Are they any good? I tried a few brands and none tasted good to me (too dilly or something)…. are the TJ ones comparable to the German pickles?

      1. They are the closest to the original you can get. They are called: Kosher Dill pickles. They are a product of Germany. Sometimes they run out of them for a couple of month and my pickle loving husband is DEVASTED lol. :)

        1. Let me know when you try them please.

  3. My ears are pierced but I wish they weren’t. I NEVER wear earrings! I seem to have sensitive skin so it’s hard to find earrings that don’t bother my ears. And I don’t take baths either. People told me I would if I had a bigger tub that I would comfortable fit in. Well, we have a large soaker tub in our new house and I still don’t take baths. I did take one when I was desperate for some pain relief during a bad flare when I was pregnant but it didn’t help and I can’t say I enjoyed it. Give me a quick shower!

    I have always been judgmental and I do think it’s human nature to judge, but there’s probably a spectrum of judgment we fall on and I fall on the more judgy side – but I am not vocal about my judgments for the most part! I’m an enneagram 1 and being judgmental is a huge tendency for 1s!

  4. I can relate!
    1) yes I do enjoy running with others as well but 95% of my runs are solo. I need the “me” time.
    2) no earrings for me either! I wanted to get my ears pierced when I was a kid but my mom wouldn’t let me…and now I appreciate that.
    3) life is too short for baths.
    4) eh, the exact opposite. I cook less now but that’s mostly b/c I work more.
    5) I love all the pickles but I am intrigued to try a proper German pickle now.
    6) YES YES YES I totally agree, it’s a really horrible saying.
    7) I do love a glass of wine and I can’t remember the last time I had a cup of tea.
    8) Same, it’s just easier/faster to make my own coffee
    9) We’re getting pretty close to pre-pandemic grocery visit volume.
    10) 100%

  5. It sounds like the pandemic has shifted some habits for you a lot! I remember, at the start of the pandemic, we stopped going out and had to cook all our meals at home. I remember thinking, “Wow, I always make excuses for not cooking like it takes too long, but MAN it’s pretty easy to throw things together at the end of a long day.” And I was feeling so much healthier! Then we started ordering delivery a little more often. And now, I still eat more at home, but I’ve kind of fallen back into the, “UGH, I’m too tired to cook. Let’s order.” I need to remind myself of how easy it was to throw things together. Often faster than delivery time, haha!

  6. Yay! I’m glad you did this post, even though we have vastly different lives. :) I can completely understand wanting to run alone – that’s how I feel about walking because I am such a slow walker, lol. And I just love to put on a podcast and walk and be in my thoughts, and that’s not possible when you’re with someone else!

    I’m an enneagram 9 so part of my personality is being able to see all sides of an issue, so I don’t feel as if I’m AS judgmental as other people. There are limits, of course. Like, I have VERY strong opinions about politics and the Republican party in general. I think I’m more judgmental about stuff like human rights, but less important stuff like how people spend their money or time or the foods they eat? Meh. You do you.

    1. I am currently reading the Enneagram book that you recommended – so curious to see which number I end up being! I can already relate to some of each aspects of the first three numbers that I’ve learned about LOL I hope it becomes clearer…

  7. I’m totally a solo runner too – I am too slow to foist myself off on other people!
    Also, I LOVE European pickled foods – pickles, pickled herring, etc. And you’re right – the US versions are NOT the same. This is why I need a European trip when possible… Ha!
    And I’m also with you on baths. I used to take them but now, no. Just, ew. (Plus, I live in an apartment…even though I’ve been here four years… no, just, no.)

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