Awkward & Awesome


Blog idea “stolen” from Chrissy’s blog and originally started by Sydney at TheDaybook.


  • Not being able to talk to my friend on her birthday, because I couldn’t reach her by phone. I  hate that. I sent text messages and a birthday card and gift, but still … I wanted to talk to her.
  • Waking up with a pinch in my shoulder and not having been able to get rid off it for like three days. Be gone already!
  • Yesterday I forgot to put on my wedding band in the morning after the shower and walked around like I was missing a finger for  the rest of the day. Definitely awkward.
  • Watching some mindless TV in the evening and wondering “Are people really like this?”
  • Bad hair days. I hate when my hair is not cooperating and I end up putting it in a ponytail just to be done with it.
  • We had to take our car in for a check-up and ended up paying for new brake pads and oil change, oil filter and vehicle inspection. 400 bucks I wish I could have spent on something else. Oh well.


  • Sweet mail in my mailbox. Everybody should send more real cards in the mail. Period.
  • I read that supposedly there is an Italian Gelateria opening up in Midtown this summer. I seriously CANNOT. WAIT. – Italian gelato is so, so much better than frozen yogurt, I swear!
  • Riding a bike around in perfect summer weather.  Also, a bike would be good to make gelato-runs in the early evening! ( Note to self: I need a bike!)
  • The news that my niece is (almost) diaper-free. I am so proud of her. She’s a big girl now!
  • I’ve started working on some crafty projects again and I love how that always calms me.
  • I am looking forward to sole sandals-weather for the next, oh at least, 4 months. Please, California, get with it.
  • Opening up all windows in the evening to let some cool air in. The temperatures have been in the high 70’s this week and it’s the first time that it’s actually nice to let some cool air in at night. I wouldn’t mind if we could keep those temperatures around for a little while; they’re perfect!
  • Looking forward to this weekend and the final push to finish up unpacking and setting up our apartment.
  1. I think I need/want a bike too. Oh, and that pinch in your shoulder, I seem to have it permanently in my upper back, right side… massage lessen it, but it hurts constantly :(

  2. Biking to a gelato place would be awesome. I hope that the weather gets better soon for you. Its turned really, really warm here. The kind that keeps you indoors in the air conditioning. I agree, everyone should send more snail mail!

  3. Lol. I just love your blog! Always reading it too, even though I don’t get to comment a lot. Bike would be great! Iw ant one too to get to train. Well maybe not now though, haha. Ice cream!! Darn now I want some! Yeah for no more diapers! We have 100 degrees today and I wanna die!!!! Too hot! Almost weekend!! Yeah!!! Xoxo

  4. Mmh…Italian Gelato…yummy, Spaghetti Eis!! yay! Can’t wait to have some again soon!
    Love these posts and I am happy you are doing them now as well!! Hugs xxx

  5. I totally agree with the wedding band thing – my finger doesn’t feel right without it! Eek.

  6. I hate days when I take time to do my hair and it just doesn’t turn out right and you hate it and just put it up in a ponytail. All that work for nothing! ;)

  7. I know that feeling of ‘i could’ve spent that $$$ somewhere else!!” … shucks!

    the good news, is your awesome news outweighs your awkward news!
    that’s always a positive!

    hope your day has been great!

  8. Yay for a bike and the gelato!! :-)
    And don’t forget to show us pictures from your new place! ;-)

  9. Oh my gosh, I left my wedding ring at home on Monday (on accident) and I felt SO WEIRD ALL DAY. My finger was too light, or my hand was off balance or something. Definitely awkward.

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