Awkward & Awesome

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Blog idea “stolen” from Chrissy’s blog and originally started by Sydney at TheDaybook.


  • The weather has gone from sunny to rainy to cold and back to warm. Very awkward, especially for May. I wouldn’t mind a little bit more consistency now.
  • The nerve of some people. Seriously. Cannot go into detail (it’s work-related), but oh man, do some people need a refresher course in proper etiquette.
  • This stupid cold that I’ve been nursing since Monday could really go away. Really now.
  • Waiting to hear from a friend that hasn’t been in touch for a while. I hope she’s ok.
  • I bumped into our old roommate at the hair salon on Friday. I hadn’t seen or talked to her in three years. That was definitely awkward and I mean, what are the chances? It was alright though. After the first initial shock moment, we  acted like civil adults and then both went our ways.


  • A three four day weekend is upon us!
  • This means: sleeping in!
  • Have  I mentioned that I love my iPhone? I ♥ MY iPHONE! I never thought I could love a gadget that much, but I do. Best of all, it basically keeps me in touch with my overseas peeps for free (well, obviously not completely for free, but I don’t have to pay extra.) No more international text messaging!
  • Related to my new gadget: I can’t wait for the case that I ordered to get here. It’s so freakin’ cute.
  • My parents will be here in exactly 2 months and 2 days. This is definitely AWESOME!
  • Also awesome is the time I’ll take off from work while they’re here. I haven’t had any time off since Christmas!
  • I was recommended this book called “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and I am dying to read it. It has great reviews and seems to be really inspirational. Has anybody heard of it or read it? I’ll get back to you on it when I have more information.


  1. I love this post idea. Glad things were good and civil with your old roommate, I know how that feels. But I can also totally relate to the iphone lust, six months on me and Steve (as my iphone is called round these parts) are still going strong. It is a luscious bit of kit

  2. Hey…you did Awkward & Awesome, that’s cool! I like these posts!

    Oh, and I’ve read the 7 Habits. It’s an epic book of greatness! I mean entire seminars/workshops/training sessions for companies have been created around this book. You’re gonna love it!

    I actually went to see Stephen Covey speak, in person, back when I was in high school, it was inspiring!

  3. Hi hun! Why don’t u have to pay for international texts anynore? Tell me, tell me :) glad to hear ur parents are coming soon!! Very exciting!!!! Hugs

  4. It has been an awkward spring, hasn’t it? Yesterday we finally had enough sun to plant the garden! Yay!
    I just want some nice weather for next week when we attend Jack’s 50th college reunion at Middlebury!~

  5. finally catching up the blogworld and hello again, i missed you and your blog, haha.

    also, it’s ridiculous how much i am looking forward to sleeping in this weekend, hurrah three day weekend! woo wee!

  6. Yay for long weekends and sleeping in!!

  7. I think David has that book! He’s not home right now or I’d totally get an impromptu review from him. I definitely hear you about the iPhone. I never considered myself a “gadget person” but I fell absolutely in love two seconds after I got my Android!

  8. Running into people from the past has the huge potential to be incredibly awkward. Hooray for your parents visit which is quickly approaching. I haven’t heard of the book but its definitely something that I am now going to check out. Have a fantastic long weekend.

  9. Love you awkward & awesome post – aren’t they fun!?
    So excited for you that your parents are coming!
    And so jealous of your iPhone, will get one in Germany as well! Yay! xxx

  10. Ohhh awesome, I know the iPhone is awesome, right? Which case did you get for it?

  11. Ah! Congratulations on your iPhone!! SO awesome, right? When I got mine I almost fell over I was so excited :)

    What do you use for international texting? I’ve been using an app called Whats App- we should become texting buddies! E-mail me your info, miss!

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