my sister broke the news to my family on Tuesday that she and her boyfriend are planning to get married this summer, too. Nina has been talking about marriage for years and everybody thought she would get married before I do – even myself ;)

Apparently, Nina and Dirk had set a year and month for their wedding last year already, but they didn’ t want tell anyone before they actually had a date, church and location. Then I came along at the end of last year telling my family that J and I had decided to get married and Nina didn’t want to say that she and Dirk had actually planned the same. Now you might be tempted to say that this is “what twins do” – doing things in pairs :) and it’s true that my sister and I have always done everything important together :) why not get married together?

No, we won’t have a double wedding. We decided that the wedding parties would be too big and too different to have the weddings on the same day. So, Nina and Dirk are getting married two weeks later, but it’s exciting :) I like the idea that I [and possibly J] will still be here for their wedding and I will be able to be part of the same fun and excitement planning Nina’s wedding as well!
It’s crazy, but it’s exciting!

We went to the bridal store, CECILÉ, with our Mom and our aunt yesterday and both decided on our wedding dresses. Mine is beautiful :) That’s all I am going to say. We spent nearly three hours in the store and I ended up trying on some more gowns and Nina and I tried on gowns together to see what they look like standing next to each other :) We have a very similar taste, I must say ;) Today I had to take my sister to the dentist, because she had surgery on one of her front teeth. She has a pivot tooth [due to a ping pong paddle that she “caught” with her mouth when she was twelve] and they cut open her gums to cut off the tip of the [still intact] root which had been infected and take out a cyst *eeewww* I felt so bad for her.

In the afternoon, we went to see my great-aunt and my granddad, because Nina wanted to tell them about her wedding  as well. Ha, these kind of news are real overwhelming for grandparents – let me tell you. I think my great-aunt actually thought we were pulling her leg. She couldn’t believe that Nina was serious about it. I think that she’s just worried that it will all be too much for her [as she has breathing problems and every step she takes is very exhausting]. I spent the evening at Nina’s place and we talked about a lot of organizational stuff. There is so much to think about – but it’s fun :)