Things I love Thursday

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This week I am loving…

… some new blogs that I started reading recently. I always love to find new blogs and meet new people.

… the fact that I don’t just have a kick-ass job, but also really cool co-workers. If I ever had to leave this job, I’d also leave the best work environment you could possibly ask for. Period.

… the white iPhone. OMG. It’s so pretty. I don’t think I can wait for the iPhone 5 now.

… trips to Ikea to pick out more stuff for our place. Having an Ikea 15 minutes from my house is a curse and blessing at the same time ;) I don’t have to drive far to go shopping there, but I am tempted to go there way more often that is good for my wallet.

… quiet evenings at home. I haven’t really done much more about unpacking the last boxes in the last few days. When I come home from work, I just want to make dinner and relax. I think I am going to finish the rest over the next few weekends. Now that we’re all moved in, there really is no hurry (unless you count the fact that a lot of you lovely people are waiting for more pictures).

… Sex and the City re-runs on TV.

… the nice, deep double sink in our kitchen. I had gotten so used to the crappy sink in our old apartment that I didn’t really know what I was secretly missing.

… painted toe nails.

… phone calls with my sister. I could never ever imagine going without talking with my sister for more than 2 days.

… getting back into a regular blogging rhythm. I always hate when I get in such a rut that I don’t know how to get back into blogging on a regular basis, but I am hoping that now that the last couple of stressful weeks are behind us, my mojo will return.


What are you loving this week?

  1. Haha, true, I *am* hoping for more pictures! ;) But more than that, I am thrilled that you’re back to blogging so regularly. I missed reading every day!

    Also, does anyone remember where people used to buy their furniture before Ikea came along? I think among students here in the NL and especially in Germany, EVERYONE goes to Ikea to cover their bases, right? I know I do! ;)

  2. Hallo, well, you are one of the bloggers I recently started reading =). It’s so nice having a great work environment, I think that’s one of the most important things to live with a smile.
    My week will be filled with writing, studying, doing exams, nothing exciting. Hope you’ll have a great day!

  3. Being back on track with my diet!

  4. hey there,
    i am loving everything you are loving… and i think it goes to prove that when you focus on the positive things… life is simply BETTER!

    have a great day!

  5. Oh, I love going to IKEA and we have one very close by here and in Germany as well! Yay!
    Love getting phone calls from Germany!
    Can’t wait to see regular post from you showing up in my reader again…missed you (but understand that you didn’t have the time!!)!
    Have a fab day! Hugs xxx

  6. I REALLY miss the work environment of my old job. It was PERFECT…

  7. I’m glad you’re blogging more often lately! And I too am a fan of Sex and the City re-runs on TV! It’s on so many channels now!

    I’m loving that it’s almost the weekend and that I get paid tomorrow! :)

  8. I’m loving that you’re blogging more regularly – I missed you :)

  9. So I guess from what I’m reading that the move is done? Did everything work the way you wanted it to? Do you share pics of your new home? :)

    I also love SatC reruns, I can never get enough. But unpacking boxes is just … blah! :(

    Here’s to a happy weekend! XO.

  10. The white iphone is even prettier in person…and I might have happened to get one today :) Looove it don’t wait for the 5!

    I discovered my secret love with Sex and the City on the flight over here when they had episodes to watch for our in-flight entertainment.

    ugh and I feel you on getting back into a regular blogging rhythm I used to blog so much more…it is hard to blog in stressful times, but definitely looking forward to more from you and pics of you new place! :)

  11. I’m glad that the stress is mostly behind you now. I can also relate to getting your blogging mojo back. Every time I think mine has returned, it vanishes again.

  12. I can’t wait to see more pictures of your apartment!
    This week I’m loving that we’re having great summer weather and will have a family BBQ…

  13. Oh my, you had a good week! Isn’t it great to have a really good working environment? I might not have the most exciting job in the world, but I also work with a great group of people, have a great work-life balance and feel just as loyal to my employer as they’ve been to me over the past decade!

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