Tell me this is normal…

It’s Tuesday. We’re supposed to move into our new apartment in 5 days. I have yet to hear from the landlord about walk-through, key delivery and actual move-in day. To be quite frank…


I don’t know if it is the European in me  that just gets nervous about theses kind of last minute arrangements or if it is the fact that, even after having lived in this country for the better part of the last 8 years, I am still not used to the laid-back attitude of Americans in all kind of (im)possible situations.

FYI, moving in Germany is a three months long ordeal from the point of giving 90-day notice to renovating the new place and fixing up the old place to actually physically moving furniture, boxes and whole kitchens to the new apartment. You won’t be in and out of a place over a weekend. Just forget it.

Everybody keeps telling me that “things will sort themselves out”, but with a super-busy work schedule at work during the first week of May, let alone the fact that we have to be out of our current apartment by May, 6th (I believe),  I really don’t have the nerves to just cross my fingers and hope for the best.

But I guess that is what I have to do, isn’t it?

Feeling in limbo is not one of my favorite feelings and I will just have to suck it up and go with what I have. My biggest concern is that I won’t be able to get a moving truck (and possibly some movers) on such short notice.

What really bothers me is the fact that I had such a good feeling about the place and the landlord and now she turns out to be so … flaky. (Or maybe, that is just my perception at this point. I am just not used to not being able  to plan ahead, especially if it comes to something big like a move.) I can only hope that she won’t be a pain in the butt to deal with if there is anything that needs fixing at the apartment.

Hopefully next Tuesday around this time, I’ll be laughing about this post, because we were able to move everything into our new place over the weekend and the whole fuss was for nothing. But for now, all I can do is worry.


  1. Ugh, that does sound extremely annoying. I’d hate not being able to be certain that the move can happen as you planned. :/ I’ll be crossing my fingers!

  2. I would be totally freaking out too. Limbo and not knowing, when I have so much to do, drives me insane. I hear you. Have you contacted movers already? I would call and let them know the situation, keep them on call sort of, so when you do have the specifics, they have you on their pending list. Good luck! Things will turn out ok at the end, and just think about it “brand new, bigger place” yay!

  3. Have you tried contacting the landlord about your move, when to do a walk-through, when to get keys, etc.? Or are you waiting to hear from her? I’d think she’s probably preparing to turn over a number of apartments and/or just isn’t worried about your move, because she already has your security deposit and knows she’ll see you the first week of May. Maybe it’s just an innocent mis-communication?

  4. The truth is that things probably WILL sort themselves out, but that doesn’t make things better in the meantime. I am an anxiety-ridden worrier, & I would probably be vomiting with worry right now, if I were you – so if you’re keeping your lunch down, you’re one-up on me! Good luck to you guys. Keep pestering her – I think it’s totally legit to push for these things. This is a BIG thing!

  5. Ugh. That would wear me down, too. I’m sooo German when it comes to these things. Seriously, I admire how quiet you are staying, I would’ve suffered from at least a dozen breakdowns by now. Tho’ that doesn’t help, either… :(
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that everything turns out for the best!! Can’t wait to hear the good news…
    Also, thanks a lot for the coffe-mug-cozy. It arrived a few days ago. Sooo cute!

    I hope the stress doesn’t overwhelm you. XO.

  6. Uh, I don’t blame you! I’d TOTALLY be freaking out too! You’d think your future landlord would be in a hurry to get their money and would be more than eager to get you guys your keys. I’m sure it WILL all work out, but you have the right to panic as you see fit :)

  7. I’d be freaking out too. It’s very true that it takes time to coordinate all aspects of the move, and too many unknowns prevent you from getting everything in order. I hope your landlady calls you soon.

  8. I tend to think Americans are a bit more relaxed. Most of my moves have been like that. SO have no fear. If you’re really bugged, then call. Americans are more relaxed about that too! ;o)

  9. All you can do is NOT worry, and just focus on the things that are within your control. If you’ve done all you can, sit back and have faith in the universe – I’m sure things will work out!

  10. Oh, I am sure everything will fall into place! We Germans just tend to overplan things…I really learned that during the past years living here as well! I am still German when it comes to those things, but it got a bit better…haha
    Everything will be fine! Positiv denken!
    Hugs xxx

  11. Lol. Oh boy! I hear ya girl. I would be insane by now and Justin would tell me everything will work out. And that would lead to me getting even more mad at his layback attitude. Haha. I hope everything will be fine though, have u tried contacting her and she won’t return calls? Or are u just waiting to hear from her? I will keep all my fingers crossed that it will work out soon so u can relax and look forward to the move!!! Hugs

  12. All will be well. I have a good feeling. I will keep ya in my thoughts and prayers.. Oh and ps. It has been way too long…

  13. Oy, I’m such a worrier too! My worst moving experience was when I found out my lease ended a day earlier than I had though, so I had to rush to finish packing, stay at a friends’ place overnight, and get a hold of the new landlord to move in a day early. Thankfully, I can totally laugh about it now. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for you! And in case it helps, every landlord I’ve ever known has been a “last-minute” kind of person, but always seems to come through in the end. Good luck! :)

  14. Gosh, I hate that. Isn’t it the same about new jobs? One day here the next day there. We German’s need time to prepare ourself :-).

    Hope everything will work out. I am so exited for you two!

  15. Waiting is the worst isn’t it? I know its hard but hang in there. Keep trying to get a hold of the landlord. I am sending good thoughts and hoping that everything works out for the best.

  16. Too bad I’m not close by so I can come and help you move so you don’t have to stress or worry too much. :) I’m so excited for you two!

  17. like i told you yesterday, you should call her and let her know that you NEED to get the details from her in order to plan. don’t feel bad about it, bug her. laid back american or not, she has to understand that you need to plan, hire movers, rent a truck…… and i like jen’s idea of just getting in touch with some movers and make reservations for a truck just assuming everything will work out. you can still cancel if it doesn’t. but it will! i’m thinking of you, hun and as always, it was great to talk to you last night! HDGGGDL!

  18. I’d be freaking out too. I’m a planner as well and need to know how everything is going to pan out ahead of time. Maybe some people (like my husband) can take it all in stride and assume it will work out, but I have a really hard time going with the flow when it comes to big events like moving or traveling.

  19. I get stressed out about those kinds of things as well San. When I am moving, or doing anything that can have advance planning like moving, I like to have the main details sorted out. I could care less about little details.

  20. Just floating along in the blogging world and came across this! I’m pretty sure this is NOT normal… but boy, let me tell about about the place I live now! Believe it or not, it’s actually a pretty nice two bedroom condo.
    No one staffs the office here. Also no one checks the phone. Two people take turns using their cell phones to call in and check the voicemail every other day. We heard back from them about a week after we first called, we never got a walk-through, we got our keys via lockbox, and it took us two months to get anyone to actually come to our place to fix a small leak we were having.
    I generally recieve replies to my e-mails 5-10 minutes after sending them.
    No one knows how to communicate OFFLINE these days!

  21. Wie ist es ausgegangen?
    Ich bin gespannt ;)

    Liebsten (heute auch total sonnigen) Gruß aus Köln :)

  22. I hope the longer break means you are busy with unpacking in your new place?!?! :))

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