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Prompt : Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

32/365 Yarn.

This is a great prompt, because I am in a making mode right now.

Last night, I made a huge chunk of the 50+ Christmas cards that I am going to send out this year. At the beginning of this year, I pledged that I would not buy one single card from a store, but craft every single birthday, thank you, greeting card by hand. I think that I followed through with this (with maybe one exception when I really didn’t have the time to make my own card, before the card was due).

I’ve also been trying to make some new things with my crochet hook and yarn. You’ve seen one of the new things that I tried in my giveaway last week and I’ve also been working on some other yarn projects (which might be revealed at a later time).

In the process of all this crafting, I am also making a complete mess of our (teeny, tiny) living room. I really, really need a crafting room. For my own sanity,… and J’s. Once I busted out all my crafting stuff, the dining table (ok, and part of the floor) get completely taken over and we have to have our dinners on the couch (which is something I usually despise). I just know that I am totally gonna lose my momentum if I start packing everything away after I am done.

There is definitely a lot more that I want to make but haven’t been able to find the time for. I’d like to learn how to sew, I’d like to bake more often and I’d like to make more local friends :)

What’s the last thing that you made?

  1. I really want to learn to bake! This is one of my goals in the new year. Start making food. But also, find people to give it to so I don’t eat it all…
    .-= Suburban Sweetheart blogged this: This Shiz Is Bananas =-.

  2. 50+ handmade Christmas cards?! Oh wow. Colour me mega-impressed!

    I definitely understand how putting everything away every day can hinder the creative process.
    .-= Manderz blogged this: Let Go =-.

  3. The handmade cards leave a great impression on others because of the time you spent on them. I still have yours up on my wall in the office. :)

  4. i’m glad you’re taking over the living room to be crafty. i know it makes you happy :) and i know that one day you will have your own little pretty crafting room! also, i should get started with the card-making myself. i won’t make anywhere NEAR 50 (wow. WOW.) but a few. oh and the sewing-thing. that’s so funny because i’ve totally been looking into getting myself a sewing machine for christmas this year! yay!
    .-= kim blogged this: forever in my heart and on my arm =-.

  5. I’m always making something or another, but I think perhaps if you mean created something from nothing, then an apple pie for Thanksgiving.

  6. Great post, I love that you talked about other kinds of making things as well :) I love that you make cards – it’s something I’ve always wanted to sit down and do!
    .-= Emily Jane blogged this: My Big Fat Winter Wedding Sci-Fi Geekfest Extravaganza! =-.

  7. You know, I think I really need to buy an inkpad and a few more stamps and find my inner crafty self. It has to be there. I would love to make cards as yours.
    .-= Karen blogged this: Reverb10- Make =-.

  8. I love hearing about other people’s crafty projects!! Sooo cool. I’m interested to see more of what you learn to do with yarn/knitting. I reallllllllly want to re-learn (I kinda know how) how to knit, and how to sew. Write now I’m working on making some necklaces…I’m going to share them once they are done. Lately I’ve been bitten with a ton of inspiration & I’m excited to follow through with it. :D
    .-= Lisa blogged this: life is my favorite =-.

  9. Whoa, lady. You are a making machine. :)

  10. Ha, I like how you finished up with I am MAKING a mess! :)

    Last thing I made was snowflakes for our windows to decorate.

  11. i really need to get back into making stuff, i used to make cards and bake and now, oy. but i will do it again!
    .-= katelin blogged this: My Etsy wish list =-.

  12. I like cooking and baking. I got inspired on Monday and baked bread because I hadn’t done it in so long and I just really want to create something from simple parts. Plus, I love the way the house smells after I make bread.
    .-= terra blogged this: And I’ll Raise My Freak Flag =-.

  13. Impressive! It’s great when you find that kind of creative outlet that makes you happy! I’ve never really gotten around to do any bigger crafty projects ( except the occasional scrapbooking) so I will leave it for the future to do with Simon ;-)I am just not patient enough :-(
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  14. Awww, baking is much fun! Thanks again for your amazing flour post. It saved my life! :)
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