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Do you remember this post, when I was complaining about having a creative urge, but no time or patience to sit down and actually do something crafty?

Well, turns out my inner “crafting” ego was just waiting for the holiday season to come around. It also helped to find someone (aka my friend S) who was willing to sit down and do crafts with me!

Last Tuesday, we met at her place to make some Christmas cards. I had stocked up on paper, stamps, stickers, and whatnot at Michaels beforehand and we spent a whole evening crafting cards.
I used to make my own Christmas cards all the time when I was younger. I had a “crafting buddy” in Germany and we would meet up for two full weekends sometime before Christmas and get all our Christmas cards done. There were copious amounts of tea and cookies involved as well :) Those were fun times.

When I proposed the idea to my friend S two weeks ago, she was totally up to it and I was thrilled that she would be willing to do this with me. One more thing we have in common!

Of course, we didn’t get all the Christmas cards done on Tuesday (what with my long list of Christmas card recipients – watch out for my “Christmas Card Exchange post this week!), so we’ll have to set up another time to continue our card production.
We went to Michaels together yesterday to get some more card stock, stamps and paper.

And while I was at it, I took on another art project. My sister is due with her second baby in March and I had been thinking about hand-crafting something for the arrival of my nephew. I had made a quilt for a friend’s newborn before, but I quickly dropped that idea, because without a sewing machine, it would take me MONTHS YEARS to be able to finish a quilt by hand.
Then I came across a cross-stitching kit and I thought to myself “That is definitely something I can do – and finish!”. I learned how to cross-stitch way back in elementary school (Yes, that’s the truth!) and I could surely pick it up again!
You probably think this is possibly the most kitschy and old-fashioned idea ever. Who in the world would hang up a cross-stitched project on their wall? But before you judge, just look at how cute the cross-stitch images are these days:


I can totally see that on the wall or even on the door of my nephew’s room.

Can’t you?

  1. Nephew? It’s a boy? I probably missed the post when you wrote about it. Or maybe I just forgot about it. Congrats (again)!!!!

    Cross-stitching is awesome. And that picture looks amazing – not like anything you would think of when you hear cross-stitching.
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..I made it. =-.

  2. Ah ha! A BOY! Yippee!!! Your sister and the entire family must be thrilled. Now Nina will have a boy and a girl. How wonderful! I like your selection of a cross stitch too. Very pretty!
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Good-Bye Curt! =-.

  3. A baby boy!!! Awww!! Congrats to your sister!! You and the whole family must be so excited!

    I love all kinds of arts and crafts projects, but cross stitching would not be for me. Well, have fun though. Looks like you have your work cut out for you with that piece.

  4. The cross stich project will be awesome and I’m happy to hear, that you are getting a nephew ;)
    .-= Tanja´s last blog ..Nickerchen / Nap =-.

  5. I am always cross stitching for a new baby arrival. This time I am doing it for my own :-). Almost done!

  6. that is really cute. i would hang it up in ellie’s room!

  7. The cross stich is such a great idea! It’s so cute!

  8. super cute! and a boy, how awesome!!! very exciting!! love crafts and doing them, too bad you live so far away!! cant wait to get one of these christmas cards. hehe. knutsch

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