Long weekends


Could a Monday begin any sweeter than cozying up on the couch under a blanket at 10 a.m., still  in your pajamas with your first cup of coffee in hand?

I don’t think so!

I am really thankful that I do get the federal holidays off. Those extra-long weekends definitely feel like a blessing, and it must have been the most relaxing weekend in a while. Of course, I ran my usual errands, did the laundry, cleaned up around the apartment, and went to the gym!, but besides that I took it easy and just relaxed in front of the TV with my crochet hook, yarn and a book.

Here are a few things that make the weekend really feel like a weekend after my own heart

sleeping in without setting an alarm

reading blogs and responding to emails in my pajamas with a fresh steaming cup of hot coffee next to me

having a phone marathon with my family members (because the weekend is the only time where we can really talk extensively due to the time difference)

taking my camera out for a stroll around the neighborhood

checking out the local farmer’s market for fresh produce for the upcoming week

having fresh bread from the European bakery for breakfast

watching movies and mindless TV shows

falling asleep on the couch and waking up at 4 a.m. just to change location to the bedroom and crawl back under the blankets for a few more hours

spontaneously deciding to go for a walk in the sunshine (or not, if it is raining!)

going out to brunch with our good friends

just being able to do whatever I feel like at any moment

*  *  *

Which things make your weekend feel like a real weekend?

  1. enjoy your monday off, lady! xoxo

    my weekends feel like weekends when i get to sleep in, drink coffee in my PJs around the house (sometimes all day ;)) and just do what i feel like when i feel like it. or nothing at all. no regrets, no nothing.

    *sigh* now i wish it was friday…. :)

  2. My mouth watered when I read about the farmer’s market. I’m so jealous of your monday off, but you totally deserve it! Enjoy!

  3. I hope you have a lovely Monday off. :) Unfortunately, I am working today, but I did sleep in until 6am this morning. (That’s an extra hour than usual.) I’m envious of the Farmer’s Market. The closest one we have is about an hour away, and I’ve never been!

  4. Sounds wonderful! I feel the same! And I’m enjoying the day off as well!
    Have a wonderful day! xxx

  5. Our weekends change depending on Collin’s work schedule. He is off today and we kicked off our short “weekend” by watching a movie last night. Today we plan on a little Starbucks date and hanging around outside in the sun.

  6. last weekend was one of the first in a really long time that felt like a real weekend. Usually our weekends are spent cleaning the house, going grocery shopping, doing laundry… But last weekend we decided to have a real one which included staying in bed until 1 PM, spending three hours reading, and dragging the comforter down to the sofa and watching movies back-to-back :-)

  7. Surely being able to sleep in and not have the alarm clock go off, makes it a weekend to me. But those weekends in which I do not have to run errands, teach, go out, and can choose to stay in all day in my pjs, those are the ones that feel the most like weekends to me.

  8. Gotta love dead presidents :P Cozying up with a cup of tea, still in pajamas with my cat is probably my favorite thing about the weekend :)

    (cute blog btw!)

  9. Dang, your Monday sounds wonderful! It makes me think I need to re-evaluate how I spend my Mondays off (I’m always off on Monday)…We went to the Natural History Museum today :)

    One thing that makes it feel like the weekend is sitting in bed with a steaming cup of cocoa (with your mug cozy!) and catching up on blogs–I just need to get better at commenting on them!

  10. I didn’t have today off, but just having a full two days makes a weekend feel like a weekend to me. I went a while with only one day weekends and it was no fun at all!

  11. My weekends are nearly always busy. But I am so used to that, I get antsy when I sit around doing nothing longer then 3 to 4 hours.

    A real weekend for me is to have time for my horse. To have the time to come in the afternoon – not only in the evening when it’s cold and dark and to have the time to stay at the stable as long as I want to and talk with the others and have fun.

  12. oh man i loved the long weekend. the biggest indicator of a fabulous weekend is just like you said, sleeping without setting an alarm to wake you up in the morning. absolutely glorious.

  13. The best is sleeping in. If I have a weekend where I have to be up at a certain time & running around, it just doesn’t feel real.

  14. I love a weekend that has time for resting and snoozing on the couch and time for friends and shopping and playing catch-up.

  15. Wow, that sounds like a fantastic day off! I love a weekend where I don’t have to do anything but hang out with the hubby and kiddos…no birthday parties, no set plans…just relaxing, and doing whatever we want (okay, really what the kiddos want). And not having to cook (except maybe breakfast – yum!).

    Just visiting from the Love & Envelopes Birthday Club! Happy (early) Birthday!


  16. A good weekend to me is one where I get to cuddle with my dog, drink Chai tea latte and watch a good comedy or some good reality tv drama or gossip girl. Since I have no drama in my life, i tell myself that it’s “healthy” to see what troubles o”others”.

  17. That sounds like a perfect weekend! Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

  18. How did I not see this post! Oh my gosh. Sounds like it was an amazing weekend all around, for everyone! I just adore 3 days weekends, they’re sooo nice. <3

  19. I am so planning on making this weekend a great one. I need it after this week and I also need a quiet weekend after spending the past couple in Munich which, despite being really awesome is also a bit stressful. I always feel guilty for just spending time at home when I could be hanging out with friends.

  20. Weekends used to be more complex for me before Alice. There were so many things that we loved to do, and still probably do, but have gone done quite a bit in our rankings. When i was on maternity leave, it was just such a relief to not have to be ‘On’ with her all day.

    Now, it’s that I get to spend time with her and we have more than a 1.5 hour window to do stuff. My husband generally gets home 1.5 hours because she has to fall asleep. She loves to go out and do stuff as a family but it is so hard to do that and have a family supper in that window.

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