Fall is here

Here in California, fall always comes over night. There is no gradual decline in temperatures, a little rain to get you used to the idea that the colder and wetter season has begun.

One morning you wake up and it’s cloudy and cold. Just like that.

This year, this day fell on Saturday.  I had made plans to spend a fun day with my friend (and a bunch of other people) at the apple orchards up in the foothills. When I checked the weather report, I knew what was to be expected: cool temperatures and rain all day long.
But hey, that’s the fun of the season, am I right?

I bundled up, got my jacket and scarf out of the closet for the first time and was ready to go. It was a fabulous day. We stopped at at least 5 or 6 orchards, we had delicious apple donuts, warmed our cold fingers on hot mulled apple wine, and brought a bunch of apples, apple pie, mulled spices for apple cider and other goodies back home.

At the end of the day, we were all “appled out” (but that feeling won’t last for long, because I love anything apple!!!)

It also rained all day yesterday and I used the heater for the first time. I skipped my usual Sunday morning visit to the Farmers Market (and I kind of regret that already, because it means I have to buy some stuff at the store this week that I swore I wouldn’t buy at the store anymore) and snuggled up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee instead. I did some photo editing (and playing around with Photoshop CS5) later on and didn’t set a foot in front of the door all day.
I am looking forward to spending more cozy days at home with blankets, candles and hot tea.

It’s always hard to let the summer go, but I think after this weekend, I am ready for fall. Really ready.

  1. aww, it sounds like a great weekend. despite the cold.
    so how’s CS5 *neidischbin*

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  2. ps. just saw this now. thank you for the button :)

  3. I made an apple pie a week or so ago and then the other night just baked apples for dessert! YUM! We’ve had no Indian Summer this Autumn. It’s been cold, dark and rainy.
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  4. Aww, nice! Our fall lasts about two weeks and any day now, we’re going to wake up to snow or frost, I’m sure of it…
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  5. Jealous! I wanted to go to apple-picking a few weeks ago, but the weekend I chose was over 100! Yuck.
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  6. I love the coziness of fall too! And as Emily Jane said – we are probably going to have snow any day now – our falls seems to be especially short this year. Enjoy it for me!
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  7. Ha, we thought it happened that way here — it suddenly got very cold…but then it warmed right back up to 80 for a couple days! We’ve been back and forth for a couple weeks but I think we’re settled in for fall for good!

  8. It sounds like a beautiful time of year, even with the rain. I love hearing what fall is like in such a different part of the world than where I live! I just bought some amazing apple butter from the local farmer’s market, I’ll have to enjoy it and dream of California :)
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  9. Your weekend sounds perfect! Mine was spent mostly at home, with an outside venture to get a very much needed mani/pedi. I love Fall. I always say if it would just stay in Fall or Spring mode forever, that would just be fine with me. I don’t think I ever miss the heat of summer, or the excruciating cold of winter. Fall it is for me.
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  10. THAT is a perfect weekend! I hope we have more weekends like that soon before all the holidays. Also I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that gets excited when it rains. :)
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  11. schoene Bilder!!! Und J ist bestimmt im achten Himmel wenn es regnent ;-)

  12. Happy Fall! I hope you’re soaking up every glorious minute of it! I’m sure those days are few and far between out in California!
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  13. It sounds like you had such a lovely time! I love apples and cider and all that stuff, too. In fact, I think sometime this week I need to treat myself to a Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks! :)
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  14. Fall in Richmond comes and goes. One day it’s freezing and I’m half tempted to pull out a winter coat. Next day it’s 80 and there’s a tornado. It’s crazy.
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  15. Sounds like a lovely day! I am counting the days until the first snow here. It will be soon.
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