On who I am right now

I kind of like the “on who I am” posts that have been popping up on other blogs,  so I am giving this a go…

Moi in black and white

I am

… incredibly happy that it is Friday and I have a three-day-weekend. Hooray!

… wondering lately why life has to be so complicated sometimes. It didn’t feel that way when I was younger. Everything seemed so easy and I really want to know when and why you lose this perception when you grow older.

… probably heading to IKEA once more this weekend. I was talked into it. So it’s not really my fault, right?

… absolutely adoring my cute little niece. We had a web-cam session last week and it was amazing how much she actually interacted with me through the screen. My sister asked her “Where is {insert my nickname here}” and she would point at the screen and even try to give me a kiss. My heart melted a little bit.

… in a little bit of a shock that January is almost over. I mean, seriously, where did this month go?

… not following any shows on TV right now. Unbelievable, I know. I probably am the least up-to-date person in regards to current TV shows that you’ll ever meet. Lost? Never watched it. Dexter? No idea what that is about. Glee? Not interested. I am aware that might come as a shock to some. I just feel that I don’t have time to waste on too much TV right now.

… currently watching “All in the Family” (from the 70’s) on Netflix.

… loving the bakery that I discovered a couple of months ago. I know some of you have asked about the bread and I can only say: it’s absolutely delicious, always fresh and really very authentic European bread. Best find ever!

… missing my sister, my parents, and my friends back home. I just wish they were close enough so that I could go and see them for the weekend. Cramming all family time into an annual 2-3 week-vacation really is not enough.

… currently reading “A breath of snow and ashes” – the sixth book of Diana Gabaldon’s Highland Saga. The 7th book has just come out and I am all excited. If you haven’t read any of the books, start with the first one, “Outlander”. It’s worth it. I promise.

… cooking and trying more new recipes lately and feeling good about buying more organic and local foods.

… sometimes feeling the urge to tell you about all the weird thoughts that I have sometimes. But trust me, it’s better I’d rather not.

… looking forward to more quality time with friends. I’ve been somewhat of a homebody for a while, because we didn’t really know any people around here, but I am slowly but surely making some new friends.

What’s going on with you right now?

  1. I just bought the cooking book from Jamie Oliver called “Jamie's America” and I did find some really good recipes in it that I'll try over the next weeks.
    And I've got to agree with you about the shock that January is already coming to an end… It seems that time is moving faster every year…

  2. I am excited to go out to dinner with my husband this weekend. We haven't been to a real restaurant (besides Hooters – worst place ever by the way – for a friend's birthday party) in months.

  3. I can't believe January is almost over either! Craziness … I'm excited to go out for dinner with my husband this weekend too ~ we never seem to go out just the two of us anymore!

  4. This was such an awesome post! I'm totally gonna steal it from you for my blog! :-) I also LOVE that picture of you. You are beautiful, inside and out!

  5. I am filled with joy and laughter after a dinner with my bf and his two sisters.

  6. I like that post too. Very nice. You're coming on sunday, right??:-)

  7. dackelprincessmaribeth

    January 29, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    Eyes, planning for the next breeding of Anneliese in Germany, and living through the bitter cold.

  8. I just started Outlander this past week! My aunt gave it to me for Christmas. Huzzah. :)

  9. to me, it almost feels like my life has been complicated for such a long time now, it's pretty much “normal” to me. which doesn't make it easier even though you'd think it would…

    i'm sorry you miss your niece. i can only imagine how tough it must be. hold on to the prospect of the next visit and hang in there!

    i miss you, too! a. lot.

    what's going on with me? i'll just email you back ;)
    and/or let's have a talk soon. this weekend? i'll try you later!

  10. hi love….LOVE the picture b the way! yeah life is complicated. I think it starting being complicated when I moved to this country. haha. or maybe it's just cause we are getting older..anyway, I am glad you are making more friends in the area. maybe you should hook up with my friend judith & dave that moved to stockton? let me know if you want to have her email or something. other than that I envy your bakery found and I hope you will have a fantastic weekend!! <3

  11. Missing my family all the time and I'm all for organic food :)

  12. What I would give for some IKEA right now.

    Or some fresh crusty bread, for that matter.


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