On some home improvements

I am having big, big plans for this next (long MLK’s) weekend. I want to transform our apartment, once again, in some sort of spring cleaning frenzy. I mentioned numerous times that it is tiny and that I feel like there is NO space for anything… but I need to make space. For my own sake. After reading Mom Grind‘s article about a clutter-free home, I again realized how much more important decluttering is  if you don’t have much space to begin with.

I don’t necessarily consider myself a person that holds on to a lot of unnecessary stuff (ok, some! But I am nothing close to a hoarder. Have you seen the show ‘Hoarders’? Dear God.), but my problem is that most things just don’t have a designated place (for lack of space and better organization) and therefore frequently end up on the computer desk, the dining/living room table, the coffee table or any other free counter-space. It’s pretty much inevitable. I try to keep up by filing my papers weekly and throwing stuff out as soon as it renders itself dispensable, but I still end up with quite a messy place over and over again.
Not to mention the fact that my so far non-existing (but tentatively planned) crafting nook in the bedroom corner would take care of the stuff that is strewn around on the floor and on the coffee table in our living room right now; which, frankly, is driving J up the wall. (So sorry, hun!).

I am planning to take pictures of the before and the after. I know it’s always nice to have a comparison and actually see the extend of the improvement. I bought a new drop-leaf dining table at IKEA the other week (when it was on sale for 60% off the original price), which is basically perfect for our small living room. However, I have been driving it around in my car since then, because I hadn’t made the space to actually assemble it and replace the old dining table with it. But this weekend, it’s on!
I am determined.

While I am at it, I am planning to rearrange the bedroom to fit the old dining table in one corner as my crafting table. I wish I had a separate room for such things, but unfortunately our rooms have to do double-duty, I am afraid.

I also, finally, have to hang up some things on our walls. I’ve put this off way too long, but you see; the walls in our apartment are ridiculously… ahm, let’s say… crumbly. Every time I hit a nail in the wall, it will either make a REALLY big hole (so big that the nail falls out) or it will go right through it. I think the walls are hollow. (Don’t even make me think about what we’re going to do about this when we move out of this place!)
What’s up with the building regulations in California? Is this considered normal? Ah, I know what it is; it’s this – excuse me – stupid chipboard construction.
I don’t even dare to put up a shelf, fearing that it’ll tear a big whole in the wall. Definitely a minus in our apartment.

But just watch how I’ll turn this place around. You just watch!

  1. You are really inspiring me to take some initiative on like matters, San! Oh, and by the way, I found the comment button easily this time. I think I was just being an idiot earlier. :-)

  2. I am so so excited to see the transformation!!!!
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..When you realize you miss someone. =-.

  3. Good luck. It is going to feel SO GOOD, you know. :)

  4. oh good luck. i started doing some major clean up last night and it felt awesome, i know i’ll be doing a lot more this weekend too.
    .-= katelin´s last blog ..The Guest List Blues. =-.

  5. Haha, as a German it is hard to live with those kind of walls. You know, when I moved into this place, I asked the janitor if it was ok to use nails on the walls, and he said, sure if you can get it in, because apparently the wall on one side of my room is concrete.
    But anyway, I’d love to see pictures of that! I hope you can think of some really good clutter organization solutions. I have that problem too with the limited space I have (and at my parents’ house it’s 10x worse as I’ve completely run out of storage space in my room there).
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..I’d like a big accomplishment with some drama on the side, please =-.

  6. I am working on de-cluttering. Tomorrow morning I start in my closet. I plan to start by making three piles. Clothes to go to St. Vincent DePaul, Things to go to the recycling center and things to just plain throw out!
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..How I met Uschi =-.

  7. Wow, you sound so determined! Looking forward to seeing your accomplishments and thereby maybe get some inspiration/motivation to take up some work around here!
    .-= Antje´s last blog ..Protected: UPDATE 1 =-.

  8. awesome. can’t wait to see before and after pics. as you know: i have something kinda similar planned for the weekend ;)
    .-= kim´s last blog ..my resolutions on day 12 of 2010 =-.

  9. Are you guys ever considering buying? They extended the first time homebuyer’s tax credit!:)
    .-= Fab´s last blog ..Fabulous Dog is turning 8!!! =-.

  10. Good luck! I know what you mean about things not having a place. One thing I’ve tried to create in our house is a place for everything. I’m a much neater person when things have a place to go…usually.

  11. you can do without clutter, I do it. It is hard specially with a husband like J who leaves everything everywhere, but I LOVE throwing out stuff. haha. I cannot wait to see the pictures either!! the walls here are mostly hollow too until you find a stud (or however you spell that) lol. so you have to hang stuff whereever that stupid board is and not where I want things to be hang. gotta love this country! :)

  12. yay! can’t wait to see the pictures!
    .-= Carolina´s last blog ..“They Have Less Than Nothing” =-.

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