Sushi = my (not so) new love

J and I went out to dinner Friday night. There is a fairly new Sushi restaurant right across the street from where we live and instead of ordering out, we decided to go over there and have a night out.

Sushi is one thing I have really come to love since I moved to California.
I never thought I would say this, but it has become one of my favorite dinners when we eat out. Strange is that I always seem to forget how good it is.
If J asks me if I wanted to go out for Sushi, I am always willing to go, but not overly excited… and then when we leave the restaurant I am ecstatic and don’t know why we don’t eat Sushi more often!

It really is an acquired taste, but once you can bring yourself to taste the sometimes – to the European eye – strange-looking Sushi rolls, you’ll be surprised how delicious they are.
It took me a little while to venture out and try all kinds of “crazy” creations, so for a beginner, it’s probably safe to go with a California roll.
It’s an inside-out sushi roll – which means the rice is on the outside and the nori (seaweed) on the inside wrapping the filling – containing cucumber, crab meat, and avocado.
I am quite aware that most of you know this, but I might have some readers who haven’t been exposed to sushi that much.

Anyway, the restaurant across the street is really good. We’ve kind of befriended the owner, a very nice older Japanese gentleman, and he’s always supernice when we order out or eat there. Last night, we got miso soup and a dessert for free! The sushi rolls are huge and we usually order 2-3 rolls between the two of us.

We had the Queen Roll (deep fried)Crab Mix, Cream Cheese & Jalapenos Topped with Salmon & Special Sauce, the Dragon Roll – Shrimp Tempura Topped with Unagi, Unagi Sauce, Scallions & Sesame Seeds, and a surprise Special Roll from the sushi chef and what can I say? He didn’t disappoint us! So, so good!

Who wants to come and go eat sushi with us? :)

  1. I would love to go out to have sushi with you…I love sushi and especially inside out sushi…the place we order from at home has California Cream Cheese Rolls (cucumber, salmon, philadelphia cream cheese)…they are great!!!
    We actually had sushi too last night, went to the new Waterfront Mall in Bremen (we are here to visit my parents) and had some for dinner, followed by some cake and coffee at Starbucks…great!

  2. I absolutely love sushi. I used to eat it for lunch almost every other day when I worked near a little Japanese take-out restaurant. :)

  3. Oh I LOVE sushi too! You need to get a rolling mat and learn to make it yourself – it is super easy after a few practices! I learned a few years ago and my poor husband had to endure MANY nights of various forms of sushi until I was finally sick of it (it took a long time!) I think I could seriously eat it every day!

    Yummy – I wouldn’t be able to stay away if there was someone right across the street who could make it for me! You are a lucky girl :)

  4. MEEEE I want to come!! I LOVE SUSHI!! and I feel the same way you do. I’m never jumping for joy to go and eat it, but once I’m there…I am in love!!

    I would love to have a place right across the street…lucky you in midtown!!

  5. i totally wanna come and have sushi with you! i had the best sushi ever in chicago last december/january and haven’t been out to have sushi back here yet. mainly due to my usual sushi-partner being pregnant and not sushi-eating right now. but also because the restaurant we used to go to is sh*t now compared to the one in chicago and i know i will only be disappointed… i’m gonna do some research and look into it and maybe we can go out for sushi when you’re here. :)

  6. Me, me, me…. ;) The first time I had sushi was actually in Germany. My Boss there was born in Japan and he invited me for dinner. Since then I’m addicted! Yummi!

  7. Sushi is definitely on my to do list before I leave California :) I’m so excited about it!!!!!!!

  8. I can’t do it!! I’ve been literally force-fed sushi twice in my life and didn’t like it at al! Would be fun to have dinner with you, though :)

  9. man I love sushi and so does the hubby. jealous. my mouth is all watery right now. I still prefer thai food over sushi but still these rolls sound awesome!!!!!!

  10. I’ll be right there!

  11. Me me me! (((miss you)))

  12. My son would eat sushi all day every day if he could.

    I don’t really know a lot of sushi, so I stick with simple things and I’m not a HUGE fan of any of it.

    I like that I can eat 4 california rolls and be full though!

  13. God, I love sushi. It’s becoming a little more popular in KY, and I would eat it every meal if the restaurant weren’t so far from my house. It’s probably a good thing it is, though, otherwise I would spend all my money there.

  14. guess what!? :) we went out for Sushi last night :)

  15. I absolutely love sushi! If the place you went to is close to you, then it can’t be too far from me!

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