Tying up some lose ends… or not.

You gotta be kidding me!
Is it really always too early to get excited about some good news? Is it really that you can’t share anything with anyone, can’t share the giddy anticipation, until it’s all over?

I think I will refrain from getting everybody excited for me from now on and instead just tell you about the good things that happen to me (when/if they happen!) in the past tense, alright?

I am referring to this and this post, in which I cautiously announced victory over bureaucracy after a long personal (and in my opinion, totally unnecessary, but obviously inevitable) fight and yet, I am still waiting for things to happen (read: checks to be sent).
What do you do, if someone tells you “Yes, you’ve been right, we apologize and will rectify the situation” and then nothing happens?
Right now, I am still pretty calm, just a little bit irritated, but that might change any minute. I mean, seriously! What’s wrong with people?
I feel like I have some kind of mysterious magnetism for unbelievable situations in which I have to deal with unbelievably incapable people.

I’ll keep you posted.

  1. I would probably give them a couple more weeks. Both these things happened in June, right? I think two months is plenty of time to send you the checks, and it will not hurt to remind them of sending them to you. Otherwise who knows if they’ll come up with an excuse like ‘oh, well, now you’ve waited too long’ in order not to give you (back) your money.

  2. Why do they feel they can take their sweet ass time? I don’t get it!!

    So frustrating! I hope you get your money back and soon…or else they’ll have another fight on their hands (well..im assuming).


  3. Your news isn’t what I am thinking is it?

  4. you still don’t have a check? You will see, it will appear in a year or so. But it doesn’t hurt to ask them again!

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